Tea and Sympathy for non-white murderers from Hollywood—Dark Matter and the evil Gang Lu

In 1991, a deranged Chinese student named Gang Lu, felt a bit pissed. He had, by all accounts, a rather deranged personality, one that went off, if he didn’t win at everything he did. So, after receiving his doctoral degree from the University of Iowa, but failing to win a sort of best in show for his dissertation, he hunted down men and women did didn’t like or didn’t care about and slaughtered them. So what does Hollywood do? Well, the moronic Meryl Streep, made a film called Dark Matter, that ….wait for it…..

Frank Bruni’s misogyny: says women at the helm of corporations would make for crazy


Frank Bruni carries the stench of extreme sexism. While writing a piece in the New York Times this weekend, about “Women’s Unequal Lot,” the restaurant critic commits the most heinous of acts of sexism. The drippy condescending sexism. Butthead Bruni lauds his sister for doing it all (family n job) while declaring as statement of fact that she is the one, really, who must do it all—not her husband for sure. Eye roll to the 90s. But as Bruni wades on with the smarmy heroism of his sis, he lands one square between the eyes of all women.

The Really Big Political Money: The Unions and you fund those with your property taxes, even when you are a Republican

union fat cat crushes Koch

Harry Reid surely must have meant the unions when he complained about buying elections.~ Kimberley Strassel WSJ This sentence is very important. And here is a number that is very important from Strassel’s article: $4.4 billion. That is the amount unions spent on politics in just a few years span. Democrat’s are trying to make hay out of the fact that Koch Industries give money to politics, but as Strassel points out: The Center for Responsive Politics has Koch industries at No.

Things to Ponder: Cheney Family Values vs. the NYT’s Pro-Rape Values

tyson 2.jpg

Why is it that the odious Mike Tyson is not called so by the NYTimes? In Nov. of last year the Times did a cover story in their Arts section on the convicted rapist Tyson, titling it “Baddest Man on the Planet, and His Vulnerable Side.” The fact that he brutally raped an 18-year old Miss Black America contestant, and showed no remorse is not eveb mentioned on the front page of the Times story—written, astonishingly, to help Tyson promote his new book!

Ban Bitch first and bossy will loose its power


Danielle Thomas was killed by her boyfriend, who as she pleaded for police assistance during her frantic call to 911, screamed: “You Bitch!” before he beat and strangled her to death. He did so slowly over a period of ~90 minutes. New York police decided to ignore calls to 911 that happened more than an hour before she died, even though Thomas had an order of protection out on her whacknut, subhuman slayer, Jason Bohn.

From the NYPost:

Thomas had had an order of protection against Bohn at the time she died, after he beat her a month prior to her death.

Russia might invade Ukraine if Obama wins, Palin warns

sarah palin right on ukraine

Well, well, look who turned out to be correct: yes, that would be Sarah Palin. Dumber than dirt left-wing obama-luvn’ journalists poked fun of Palin to no end in an attempt to make her seem stupid when she predicted that if Barack Obama became POTUS, Russia’s next stop after their 2008 invasion of Georgia would be the Ukraine. Guess what? Yep, Palin was correct.

Democrats have become the Party of Dumb –ObamaCaid, "I'm for it, but what is the reality of it?"

Obamcare disaster

Meet Mr. X. He works “off grid,” meaning he’s paid in cash and pays little to no income tax. A nice fella, and hardworking guy. Until recently, he used his off-grid income—not too meager and not too flush—to buy private health insurance for himself. Then, this fall he was kicked off his health plan, thanks to ObamaCaid. He liked his health plan, paid a reasonable price for it and had for most of his adult entrepreneurial life. But Obama said no, no, Mr. X…Why should you feel the need to buy your own health insurance when other hardworking folks who DO pay income tax will buy it for you.

Eric Holder is a dangerous coward; DOJ letter demands end to punishments for black students in schools; LA Times ignores issue in article on Holder last week.


Remember when Obama’s Att. Gen. Eric Holder, said America was a nation of cowards? Yeah, because we are afraid to have conversations about race. Well here you go Holder? Let’s talk about the Black propensity for violence in this nation, shall we? The fact that Blacks commit 2/3rds of all crime in NYC, for example. Or how about the fact that Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit violent crimes against Whites, than the opposite. Black men are just ~6% of the population, but they commit 50% of all murders in this country. Young black men murder “14 times more than young white men.”~Time.

Blacks commit nearly 80 percent of all shootings in New York and two-thirds of all violent crime ~City Journal. Blacks commit 99% of all Knockout attacks

Black on White crime needs to be called out by EVERY media outlet. The video ends with the reporter promulgating that a Black assaulting person of another race is a “macho thing” –not only is that completely wacked, it’s a clear and present danger to society. The Knockout Game is case of human slime, not a game at all.

Note to Liberals who oppose movie Lone Survivor: The Taliban = Nazis


To liberals the Taliban is way cool “brown” mykinda peeps. You know, the Taliban, the 21st century version of Nazis. The Taliban who enslave women, throw acid on the faces of females and shoot girls in the head when they dare to try for their lunch counter moment. Yesterday we wrote about the huge importance of bringing democracy to the Middle East. If woman are to be more than slaves in Muslim lands, then, hello, we gotta do what it takes. And that means ...