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December 29th

Janet Napolitano must GO (Heck of a job, Brownie!)


Janet Napolitano refused to support Hillary Clinton; she gave her full support to Obama. In return, Barack Hussein Obama gave her the plum position of Homeland Security. Political payback worked for Napolitano. It worked out for a Nigerian terrorist. For Americans, not so much.

Obama fiddles on national security but hey...his golf game is dandy!


“President Obama emerged from Hawaiian seclusion on Monday to try to quell gathering criticism of his administration’s handling of the thwarted Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner as a branch of Al Qaeda claimed responsibility.” ~NYTimes

The Times LOVES Mr. Obama, served him up one their Sulzberger Silver Platter, and the above is the best protection they could offer to their ONE on the Fall Down job Obama's admin has committed on the latest threat to U.S. security.
But hey The One has some serious golfing to do, right?
From Politico:

December 28th

Not a dime of my Tax dollars for War, or Capital Punishment, or .....


Women are being sacrificed on the alter of Obama. Stop this travesty! Hints on how, below!

From the Center for Reproductive Rights:

"... the Senate passed a healthcare bill including anti-abortion measures that put burdens on women using their own money for abortion coverage, with the likely effect of making such policies less available. Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights issued this in response:

December 25th

Scroodged by Obamacare?

In the dead of night on Christmas Eve, so as to better hide their unpopular legislative take over of health care, Democratic Senators passed their version of reform. As always, FemiSex urges attention to detail. Its the fine print that always Scroodges you, in the end! Here to discuss some of the vexing fine print is op/ed via the WSJ by MD Scott Gottlieb. He describes why, with this reform package, middle class care will change drastically, esp. as it relates to getting referrals to specialists or being able to see your MD at his private office rather than institutional care.

December 23rd

Liar Liar, Obama Your Pants on Fire


Reason's Matt Welch has a very pertinent post up today on why Obama is yet again lying about health care reform costs.

Here is what Obama said this week:

December 21st

Ram Man Obama, no Way, no Obama in 2012!

From the Atlantic's Megan McArdle re the Senate Health Care Bill:

No bill this large has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote, or even anything close to a straight party-line vote. No bill this unpopular has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote. We're in a new political world. I'm not sure I understand it.

Oh welcome to Obama Chicago Style. Ms. McArdle goes on to write:

Obama Screws women for Christmas, Senate Bill restricts abortion coverage


Obama screams: Pass this! Pass Health care legislation that will do massive damage to women's reproductive freedom.
From the Center for Reproductive Rights:

Last night {Sat. session}, the Senate bowed to the machinations of Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) by introducing dangerous new measures to its version of the healthcare reform bill.

December 20th

Abortion as means to keep women politically underrepresented


On Friday, Dec. 4th, 2009, the NYTimes ran a front page story titled: “Battle of Late-Term Abortions Shifts to a Clinic in Nebraska.”

The article is bizarre. It serves only one purpose: to inflame the abortion wars. It states in the lede grafs that Dr. Carhart “has also begun performing some abortions past 24 weeks” and…”is prepared to perform them still later if they meet legal requirements and if he considers them medically necessary.”