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December 30th

FemiStats: Woman no further along the corporate ladder than they were 6 years ago!


Last month, I spoke with a sorta wannabe journalist (she'd done some business reporting over the years) and the convo was classic liberal dude nation chick. The woman did not-- no way no how-- want to call herself a feminist even as she was happy to be a socialist. When I pointed out the lack of female power in America, she crinkled her smallish brain and loudly brayed: "why can't there be room of all of us"? (See the numbers below, to note that there is virtually no room for women, but plenty for men!)

December 27th

FemiLab: White Bean Pasta dinner great taste and healthy!


Too much Too much holiday fatty foods? Give the family a break with a low fat yummy dinner tonight! White Bean Pasta, compliments of the AICR.
This classic Italian dish is easy to prepare and a healthy complement to a variety of dishes, or as a main dish.

December 20th

Oh NO he DIDn't -- yep, Barack Hussein Obama yet AGAIN stops on women's reproductive rights--Trashes Plan B


Partisan politics demands that liberals downplay or hide or most commonly ignore the fact that Barack Hussein Obama--with his noxious ObamaCaid scheme--extended funding prohibitions for abortion care to virtually every American woman. Prior to that only women on Medicaid were prevented from insurance coverage for abortion care. In early 2009, Obama was the architect of the extension of the Hyde Amendment to all American women. That is grotesque to a degree never before seen post Roe v. Wade.

The 56%. Federal Law mandated that the majority of home loans guaranteed by Freddie and Fannie go to high-risk borrowers


56%. The percentage of loans backed by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to people with poor credit or otherwise “underserved” as mandated by federal law. Yes, you read that right. Congress set a federal quota to demand that 56% of mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie go to those with no credit, bad credit, or low income. A disaster in the making. DUH!
We repeat this because the wacknuts at the NYTimes STILL want to deny that government regulations where THE driving factor behind the housing market collapse and our 2008 financial meltdown—a meltdown ( cont: )

December 19th

Go Condi GO!! Rumor has it Condolesa Rice VP slot on the Republican ticket! Yeah!!!!!! Plus Hillary RoboCalls


Now here is something we CAN get behind! The skinny is: Condi Rice is a strong possibility for VP on the Republican ticket! Nice!!!!!!! And as much as we LOVE!!!!!! Hillary for President, we will never support her on a Barack Wingnut EURoDem Socialist Ticket as his VP helpmate. Enough is enough of an empty EuroSocialDem suit. NO Way NO how should Hillary save his skinny fuckAmerica black butt. We've seen the future of Europe and we don't want THAT. Condi, on the other hand gets our FIRM support!

December 18th

Occupy Wall Street champions Carl Richard’s breathtaking greed while expecting Tea Party folks pay off his debt

ows tea party.jpg

Meet Carl Richards—part of the 99% who are directly responsible for the collapse of the housing market. They moan and bemoan those who let them feed at the trough. Really. Even my toddler knows that what Carl Richards did would not work out well and anyone with a more developed brain can see the likes of Richards got us into the housing mess and then the ultimate financial collapse. What did dumbot Richards do? Well it hurts to write it but here goes:

He could afford a house that cost ~$350, 000 by his own reckoning but bought a home for $575,000.

December 17th

December 15th

Sexism Doesn't Pay: Christopher Hitchens has died less than 2 years after FemiSex put him on our DeathWatch list


It really doesn't pay to piss off FemiSex writers and editors. In Jan. of 2009 we added Christopher Hitchens to our FemiSex DeathWatch--borne out of Slate's DeathWatch for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Liberal Dude Nation was gasping for Hillary to go away so Slate created a Hillary DeathWatch. Hillary is going strong, but not so much for the folks we've put on our FemiSex Deathwatch for their sexism and misogyny. Also on the FemiSex DeathWatch: Tim Russert and Keith Olbermann and things don't look so good for either of those sexist men these days.