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If Getting the 1st female into the Oval Office Requires a NYTimes Cover-Up on Behalf of Al Qaeda, then No F'ing Thanks


Back in March of this year, the NYTimes did a story titled: “Woodward is New Hero for the Right (Yes, Really)’ that mocked the lion of journalism for going public about a threat from the White House over his reporting. After Bob Woodward did a piece in WAPO critical of Obama over his handling of the budget impasse and sequester, the White House told Woodward he would come to “regret” that reporting.

December 17th

Media Hides fact that Karl Pierson, the Colorado high-school whackjob shooter, was a flaming ANGRY Socialist


Tonight on the Evening News with Scott (Obama ) Pelley he reported that CBS is learning more about the high school socialist nut who shot a fellow student in the head. Only they didn’t mention his hard leftist political beliefs or mention he was a committed socialist. One would think that would be of the utmost importance to report, especially given his intended target: the debate teacher. So what did the useless fool Scotty Dog report? That the kid had written “the die is cast” on his arm. CBS ass pups. Useless.

December 10th

Congrats to Ms. Mary Barra, named CEO of General Motors but women still pegged to long slogs without vertical intercompay moves


Yippee, we have the first female CEO in large-market automobile industry! Nice going for the gals. But…here’s the rub: she like most women who truly advance in the workplace have to do so after a LONG slog at a single company. Women, unlike men, are hurt by job transitions and when women do move from job to job, most likely it’s a lateral move in terms of power.

GM in a statement says Barra has 33 years of experience with the company, having served in manufacturing, engineering and senior staff positions.

November 30th

ABC News Slams Josh Romney for Saving Four People in Car Wreck

November 29th

The horrific sisterhood of white hate between Martin Bashir and Guadalupe Shaw

Guadalupe Shaw evil

“Drink bleach and die.” That is what a Hispanic girl named Guadalupe Shaw wrote to the white girl (Rebecca Sedwick) who Shaw was bullying relentlessly, for months. The vicious, toxic pig that is Guadalupe, even coerced on of Ms. Sedwick’s friends to beat up Sedwick, and bullied anyone who was friends with the pretty 12-year old Ms. Sedwick. Piglet Guadalupe was not as pretty as Sedwick, who killed herself under the horrible bullying pressures placed on her young shoulders by the snorting piglet GUADALUPE SHAW, who cheered the demise of Ms.

November 25th

Femilab: Amy Robach might have died had she listened to 2009 Government Task FORCE Recommendations against breast cancer screenings


Meet Amy Robach, a 40 year-old liberal media maven, who, after an on-air mammogram this fall, was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. According to Robach, her doctors told her, “That mammogram just saved your life.” Ms. Rorbach is getting treatment and we wish her well. But the thing is, four years ago, as Obama was getting ready to ram Obamacaid up America’s collective ass, his government was enacting what would have been Ms. Robach’s own personal death panel—had she followed that governmental advice: no mammograms for women age 40 to 50.

October 29th

He knew; they knew; Obama and Dems lied to you. 2 million dumped from their affordable health insurance into ObamaCrash, Obamacaid


The jig is up. This sentence summarizes the woe that it is to be a working stiff under Obamination:
"The Affordable Care Act isn't affordable after all."~Saunders SFGate. Minorities and working poor will have Diamond Insurance policies but Middle Class that must pay to subsidize those plans will be priced out of the market. Dumped from their afforable health plans, middle class has been totally screwed by Barack Hussein Obama.

From Debra Saunders of SF Chronicle:

October 22nd

Hush little white victims don't you cry, media gonna give you a big black eye

Today let’s look at some media “hush” crimes
Gang rape of white pre-teen by horde of black males. Shush, now baby don’t ya cry.

Imagine if a twelve year old black girl was gang raped by whites in a rural Mississippi county. The media would go bonkers. It would be the biggest news story in America. There would be documentaries and a tv movie. However, the victim was white and the perps are black. So it is a “hush crime.”