May 19th, 2008

BO cries Foul to Low Classers, but for Him Foul is Fair

Foul says Barack, no fair going after my wife for the things she says on the campaign trail! That is so LOW Class, says Barack. Why? Perhaps because the wife is a Sweetie? After all, Obama and his race-card henchmen attacked Hillary's spouse openly and with glee. Simply using the words "fairy tale" in the same light year in which Barack exists somehow denoted racism to the Obama Camp. Or…more truthfully, they needed to take the Big Guy Down.

May 18th

What's Good for the Goose

May 18th, 2008

Love Letter to Bama Boy, From Sweetie Girl

Dear Boy—

Thank goodness we can finally confess our love to the world! Yes, that love, the love that dareth not speak its name—the love between the press and its Coronated One. (And don't worry my dearest Boy, we are diligently working in the most unbiased manner to deliver you the White House.)

May 15th

And Man shall have dominion over all fonts big and small

Our first posting on FemiSex was written by a dear friend and journalist who passed this on to us after finding no takers in msm. Enjoy!

On February 7 of this year a curious thing happened. Jon Meacham, Newsweek's editorial top dog, addressed journalism students and alumni at Columbia University. He spoke with great authority and peppered listeners with anecdotes of power phone tête-à-têtes: a feisty conversation with Mitt Romney on the eve of the Governor’s can’t-we-all-just-get-along religion speech, or an off-record Karl Rove exchange.

Message to the FemiSex

Women are the Majority in America. This is reflected in our percentage of the Supreme Court…oh wait, women have a 10 % stake there. Ok, then in our Fortune 1000 companies as CEO…nope, it is 2% there. Perhaps in our ability to grab bylines in major media periodicals?…naw, that’s coming it at 15%.

The American clock ticks to the beat of Capitalism and these rules say: 51% is a majority shareholder! To the Majority goes control. The American clock ticks to the beat of Democracy and these rules say: 51% is the Majority and… to the Majority goes control.

Birth of FemiSex

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the general election of 2008. Millions of Americans discovered the Liberal Press despises women. Not all women. Liberal Press does adore certain women--wives, mothers, workaday gals, these are all accepted models. However, the love STOPS DEAD for Alpha Women.

For a woman with the temerity (The Audacity!) to make a run for the Top Dog spot, the Liberal Press stripped down, all the way down, showing Americans the Misogyny and Sexism they, until now, kept tucked up around their private parts.