March 17th, 2015

Transparency Trans-shamarncy –Obama DECLARES White House a NO-GO Zone for FOIA Requests

Obama lying.PNG

Obama Officially Kills White House Email Transparency Promises—wait for it: oh there it is: Media Yawns, relentlessly covers that White B**** Hillary, on her lack of transparency. White Gal GETS it; Black Guy, not so much, er…not at all. If Obama says one thing, you can be sure he means the other. Remember...

March 12th

Mass Rape Darfur and Media Misogyny link together to Terrorize Women Globally

Slate Sexism photoshoped pic of Palin.jpg

Per Human Rights Watch, Feb 2015: Sudanese army forces raped more than 200 women and girls over 36 hours in an organized attack on the north Darfur town of Tabit last October, a new Human Rights Watch report shows.

Well, now imagine if the report found: White army forces lynched more than 200 blacks over 36 hours… anywhere in the world. The NEWS would Blow Up!! But rape,…that’s just bitches gettn’ tagged, snore, per our Dem media.

FemiSex Thanks All 20 of Our New Twitter Followers


March 11th

NO, LA Times critic, Bitch is NOT a "great'' word, just as Nigger is not a great word to describe those who yelled Bitch as they beat a girl

We needn't fear the "bitch"; it's a great word, often funny, frequently apt, which is why it has become so popular. It's a high-caliber word and, as with any firearm, it should be used with, if not caution, then at least awareness.

And not just as another way to slap down those bitches at the FCC.

Hillary’s Email Debacle Mirrors Obama IRS Email Debacle—Democrat Media to BLAME

Democrat media protects arrogant Obama

There is virtually no doubt that Obama knew of and sanctioned the use of the IRS to punish Americans whose political views clashed with their own. Let that soak in for a second. WOW! That is the TOTAL breakdown of democracy. Then Obama comes on TV and has the GALL to tell the nation: the IRS did nothing wrong, not “a smidgeon of corruption.” Stonewalling, deleting emails, destroying hard drives, refusing to answer to Congress. Only an imbecile would believe Obama’s smidgeon lies. Sadly that is what we have in Democrat MSM—imbeciles.

March 9th

Democrats Dirty War on Women—aka on ABC, NBC, CBS as whores, sluts, bitches


When a black person is killed by a white person (rare occurrence) it is relentless coverage by Democrat MSM, blaring headers of racism.

When a white person is killed by a black person (common occurrence) it is a non-story, delegated to one off coverage, if that. Race of killer is not most often not mentioned.

When a white woman is raped by a black man (common occurrence), race is almost never mentioned.

When a black woman is raped by a white male (extremely rare occurrence) the Democrat MSM salivates and indicts before facts know.

March 5th

Ah the wonder of living as a woman in Muslim Dominate Culture


Excerpts from HRW report on Lebanese women
HRW fails to stress the fact that Muslim customs dominate the land, infiltrating even Christian culture in Lebanon.

Excerpt from report:

March 3rd

Obama to Jews: fuck off


Obama’s quest to lower Western Power on the Globe and Increase Cultural Misogyny—Dreams From His Father.

That [Obama’s] deal would not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, it will guarantee it– lots of them.” Netanyahu today, speaking to Congress.

FemiSex feels that Obama, in the service of lowering American, and Western power in the world, is pursuing a deal that would allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.