afforadable care act

ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) is Killing the Middle Class

What is striking is the level of subterfuge in Democrat-leaning published reports on the ObamaCaid—which is a programme of massive net loss for those who buy insurance with welfare assistance, and significant net gain for those who rely on others to pay for their insurance. For those who would like to think the New England Journal of Medicine is fair and balanced when it comes to Obama’s health care “law” –quotations used because Obama has broken his own law repeatedly over the years—think again. Here is an interesting sentence for NEJM item:

ObamaCare and the $17,000 breast pump


Yuck don’t ya just hate it when you get F*cked by politicians. In 2012 the Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman blasted an email out touting the great benefits of the “Affordable (not!) Care Act” aka ObamaCaid. Waxman like most unthinking low-information Democrats told me how great the ACA was because it came with a grab bag of goodies mandated by the Feds, stuff I’d not have to pay a dime for! Oh boy. Only thing is: that grab bag of extras has made the cost of insurance plans so oppressive that those not having Daddy Government pay the tab, can’t afford ANY insurance at all.