Things not to be passed over lightly: Obama has handed Falluja back to Al-Qaeda; Obama is pushing Wall St. Welfare payments; and Times imprints Communism to readers

Falluja has fallen to al-Qaeda. Stunning. If you don’t care about women, then you should not care if democracy occurs in the Middle East. But then you would have to not have cared about apartheid in South Africa. After the Civil War, what would have happened if the North had just said, oh, bad war, let’s let the South revert to it’s old ways? That is not what happened. Nor was that the case in Europe post WW2. We stuck it out in both cases building and rebuilding and staying the course.

Why is the media so invested in covering up for Obama's lies? video


The Leftist Media always knows how to pull the wool over the eyes of the low-information voter. For example, this week the AP reported on a Bipartisan senate report on Benghazi that found Obama and Hillary could have prevented the al-Qaida-linked terrorist attack that happened on the anniversary of 9/11. But in the Leftist reporting of the AP, ever intent on protecting Obama,…

the fact that Obama LIED to the nation repeatedly about the attack and it’s provenance is nicely covered up, Candy Crowley-style.

Read for yourself, from the AP story this week: