Ambassador to Libya

Hillary Clinton says "what does it matter?" Doctors around the country can now breathe easier

Guest post by Dr. Not Accountable -- Hillary whom I supported in her 2008 bid for the presidency of the United States of America has flabbergasted me with an astounding display of for thee but not me-ism.

It’s the Free Speech Stupid! Islamists KILL our Ambassador to Libya and Obama makes apologies for Free Speech


How is this possible? How has America sunk so low? America is attacked again on 9/11 and our Ambassador to Libya is slaughtered and Obama’s first response is to say that America had done a bad thing. Really that’s how this went down. Talk about giving murderers moral justification for murder. Obama is a class one traitor! And YES, he cleared the apology at both the embassy and State Dept. levels.

Here is what came out of the US Embassy in Cairo as trouble erupted: