Immigrants, ObamaCare and a stabbing in Georgia

I wonder, will this man be granted amnesty by our Corrupt Leader Obama? As reported in the NYDaily News, a white Georgia man was taking out trash behind his workplace, when a short Hispanic male tried to rob the man. But when the white man said sorry, I’ve no money, the Hispanic male tried to repeatedly to stab him in the heart with a 12-inch blade, that was only deflected from making a fatal plunge by the white male’s cell phone in his shirt pocket.

From the news report:

ObamaCaid and the END of privacy--unless we act now!


Immigration bill is now estimated at some 1,500 pages in length--all the better to fool stupid Americans, so says Obama. Remember that Obamacare bill that was so big that Dipshit Pelosi, actually said, we'll have to pass Obamacaid to know what's in the law. Well, here's a fact you might have liked to know about BEFORE the law was passed. "Obamacare will require divulge their entire household income to their employers."~Weekly Standard. There is more, much more that is beyond terrible to know about, but those words should strike FEAR into everyone's heart.

Foreign Born Killers and Immigration Reform

From Wapo in a March item written by Dumb and Dumber Extremist Liberals Charlotte and Harriet Childress:

Immigrants with mental health issues are not committing mass shootings…are not continually killing groups of strangers.

Whaaat? Never mind the 3,000 dead on 9-11 by some 19 immigrants, or the almost 200 wounded or dead in Boston by some Muslim immigrants, on welfare to boot! The Daily Caller has helpfully published a partial list of Americans slaughtered by immigrants.