Barack Obama

Barack Obama counted on "stupid Americans" to get ObamaCare into law; this from Barack, who can't do 8th grade math

ObamaCare supporter, journalist Ron Fourier, made one of the most honest statements about Obamacare yet, writing today in the National Journal:

“And so even I have to admit, as a supporter, that Obamacare was built and sold on a foundation of lies.”

Fourier, also called out the boring trick of Lefty so-called journalists who insist on prefacing objections to Obama and his policies as coming only from the Right. Ha.

Here is Fournier on this bullshit trick Democrat journalists use to shield and protect Obama and the Dem Party:

Barack Obama's Deadly Wolf Killing Program --Media silent


Ah betcha didn’t hear that the Obama Administration took wolves off the endangered species list last year. Yep that means culling wolves with shotguns just like Sarah Palin was pilloried for doing because she was a woman and a Republican—both of which, in the minds of today’s Democrat Retrogressive Party are on their Not Allowed for Women List. In the eyes of batshit crazy Democrats of today’s Obama Democrat Party, women are NOT ALLOWED to hunt, shoot, vote Republican, want limited government, protest their high tax rates, or generally think for themselves.

Michele Obama wears $3,290 outfit to debate but Lamstream Media whacks Ann Romeny; plus Obama's taxpayer pension IS bigger


From: Washington Free Beacon October 18, 2012:

Ann Romney wore an expensive dress to the presidential debate Tuesday, and US Weekly wants everyone to know it.
In a piece published Wednesday, Us Weekly ran the headline “Ann Romney Wears $1,690 Oscar de la Renta Dress to Presidential Debate.” Fox News points out the magazine chose this headline despite the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama’s outfit cost double that price.
Obama’s dress cost more than Romney’s at $1,795—and the first lady topped the ensemble off with a jacket that cost $1,495.
Fox News writes:

FemiStats: Under Barky Obama's failed presidency, everyone suffers BIG losses in household income

cry obama.jpg

The percentage median household incomes have fallen for blacks in the past three years.

The percentage household incomes have fallen in the past three years for men and women in middle age.

The percentage household incomes have fallen in the past three years for women and men ages 25 to 34.

The percentage household income has fallen in the past three years for men and women under the age of 25.

The percentage median household income has fallen in the past three years for college graduates.


Obama and DNC Heart Misogyny

Reason #1001 why Obama is full of shit!

Obama's Liberal Media protectors are Hurting America and undermining our democracy


In the January 30th issue of Time magazine(aka the unofficial arm of the Obama campaign) the foolish James Poniewozik writes a column lamenting the failure of media to “call out political lies” as told by politicians. Here is a pull quote:

“A journalism that gives distortions a free pass is, more and more readers and viewers realize, as good as useless. "

Ah, well said, but what about the HUGE distortions spun by media to help their favored candidate. Of that, Time and liberal media have no problem.

Barack Obama as the NO Solution president; makes the case for n-O more years!


Medicare unchecked is our road to Greece for certain. No one of any intellect disputes that. And yet, this from WAPO: "Democratic strategists make no secret of their belief that Medicare amounts to their political silver bullet in 2012." And don't be fooled by "Democrat strategists." Obama is the leader of that tribe. So, what we have in Obama is a fool who is willing to play slap n' tickle with this country's existential future in order to get himself re-seated at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That, my friends, is the VERY definition of Third Word Corrupt Government.

Islamists win 75% of Egypt's Parliamentary Seats; Thanks Barack Hussein Obama for the Get OUT Now fuck you to Hosni Mubarck


Well well, well Mr. Obama the man who forced Hosni Mubarak out of office with his statement “Get Out Now” rather than get behind an international effort to see an orderly transition of governments through free and fair elections—you know that thing that makes democracy, well democracy--, well, Barack Hussein Obama must be thrilled to hear that Islamists (yep, that be the anti-woman folks) have now won 75% of the seats in Egypt’s parliament. Good time for women, NOT. But hell, in Cairo Obama made it clear that he wound ‘t tell Muslim men...