Looks Like, Sadly, Barack Obama was Correct: those who slander Islam will have no future. Shame on you Barky

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Obama, who along with Hillary Clinton, blamed the murderous rampage in Benghazi on free speech, is a jackass. When both Hillary and Obama allowed that making a video was a just cause for violence, then that sort of violence will grow. And Yes, their actions re the video did allow for just that.

FemiSex once supported Hillary Clinton for POTUS. In fact, this site was born during the end of her failed primary season against Barack Hussein Obama. But once a fan, doesn't mean blind to her dangerous turnabouts under Obama.

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Why is the media so invested in covering up for Obama's lies? video


The Leftist Media always knows how to pull the wool over the eyes of the low-information voter. For example, this week the AP reported on a Bipartisan senate report on Benghazi that found Obama and Hillary could have prevented the al-Qaida-linked terrorist attack that happened on the anniversary of 9/11. But in the Leftist reporting of the AP, ever intent on protecting Obama,…

the fact that Obama LIED to the nation repeatedly about the attack and it’s provenance is nicely covered up, Candy Crowley-style.

Read for yourself, from the AP story this week:

If Getting the 1st female into the Oval Office Requires a NYTimes Cover-Up on Behalf of Al Qaeda, then No F'ing Thanks


Back in March of this year, the NYTimes did a story titled: “Woodward is New Hero for the Right (Yes, Really)’ that mocked the lion of journalism for going public about a threat from the White House over his reporting. After Bob Woodward did a piece in WAPO critical of Obama over his handling of the budget impasse and sequester, the White House told Woodward he would come to “regret” that reporting.

Obama appoints Liar Susan Rice to Lie to Americans all over again as National Security Advisor

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Let’s see if I get this right: The National Security Agency has been spying on just about every adult American who uses a phone. Obama did not tell Americans the truth about his KGB, Stasi Germany Communist tactic of gathering metadata on virtually all of us. Is he sorry, contrite, abashed about his abuses in light of the fact his government has been using the IRS to punish his enemies? No. In fact, Obama has now appointed the woman—Susan Rice—who did her Great American Lying Tour (surely at the bidding of Team Obama) on Benghazi to be, ah wait for it…yep the new National Security Advisor.

Democrats War on Democracy

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If you wonder just how low the NYTimes will go to protect Their ONE at the expense of American democracy, just note this NYTimes headline in response to the news Obama is going after freedom of the press, free speech and covering up his ineptitude on Benghazi as well as his weeks spent lying to Americans about that episode: “GOP, Energized, Weighs How Far to Take Inquiries.” Yep, that’s right. Obama sins Big, and the story, according to the NYTimes is the fact that we have a two party system that wants to make Obama accountable for his Large sins.

The 47% who pay no income tax shrug off Obama using IRS to terrorize Americans and the FBI to stifle journalists


Wingnut Radical Guerilla Leftists are whopping it up in joy over the fact that about 47% of the American population doesn’t care that Obama and his minions are subverting the US Constitution and Democracy in our country. Almost daily a Guerilla Leftist trumpets the fact that Obama hasn’t fall in the polls as a result of HIS government using the IRS to terrorize and punish those who disagree with Obama’s politics—or in Obama’s own words: his “enemies.” They don’t care that Obama met with the IRS union rep the day prior to the start of the “go get em” IRS targeting of Obama’s opposition.

Obama and Hillary LIED to America--Covered up the fact we were hit by Al Qaeda AGAIN on Spetemper 11th, 2012


For two weeks after Al Qaeda attacked the United States on the anniversary of 9-11, pulling off the first killing of an American ambassador since 1979, Obama and Hillary lied to Americans—Lied. They didn’t want to admit they’d both never woke up to that 3 am call warning terrorists about to strike again on 9-11. They did a full scale Cover Up of Nixonian proportions.

Yes Virgina, Susan Rice is a traitorous liar; Rice has admitted she saw intel proving terrorism but still she LIED

Here is what Susan Rice told us about who killed our U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi: our best intel says this was a spontaneous protest in reaction to a video, a small number of people came to protest and as that unfolded that was hijacked by extremists who came with heavier weapons and evolved from there…that’s the best information we have at present. ~Susan Rice on Talk Show Liar Round