Memo to Moron Ben Affleck: Stoning Women and Gay Tossing is what’s GROSS

ISIS Muslims stoning woman Sharia Law in practice

The Daily Beast posted pictures distributed by the Raging Asshole Muslims known as ISIS, showing them binding gay men and dumping them from the heights to their deaths; and…also men viciously stoning a woman to death by bludgeoning her with rocks. The ISIL nutbags may not be representative of all Muslims, but….the vast majority of Muslims want Sharia Law, which…by the by, women are considered far unequal as humans than men, and stoning is an acceptable punishment for women who do the funky dunk, or are thought to by the male Islamic Thought Police.

Slate blasts Aaron Sorkin for Sexism as Slate heaps praise on sexist Louie CK. go figure


You’re just gonna luuuuv this: Slate, the online one stop shopping for anti-Hillary female writers hired by male top editors who pay them to write trite has penned an item that blast the sexist BIGOT Aaron Sorkin for, ta da: using women for the sole purpose of making men look good. Tickle my Frickle thays’re dumb girls over them tar thar at Slate, don’t even know when they are writing their own autobiography of lap diggity dogged devotion to all thing male that punish all things alpha female.

Here’s a taste:

What makes Louis C. K. a Bigot


Liberal Dude Nation is rather self explanatory but for those who don’t get it here is a nice example: Last week, while watching SVU on TV (ABC’s Revenge wasn’t on that night, so in a fit of dumb, I watched Misogyny TV at its apogee with SVU) Mariska Hargitay (a committed Democrat) was chasing after a woman and yelled “get that bitch.” Let’s stop for a moment and wonder, have you ever heard Hargitay yell “get that nigger” while chasing down a black person? Of course not. That my friends is Liberal Dude Nation. Now a while back we did an item on the Bigot C.K. Louis

Rep. Andre Carson, the Worst Peron in the World; video

Guest Post by Brenda --If you feel you are Taxed Enough Already--in that too much of your income goes to Uncle Sam--then the Black Caucus has this to say about you:

“This is the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree,” Carson said at a Aug. 22 Congressional Black Caucus Job Tour even in Miami.

Louis C. K. outed for Misogyny and Bigotry by The New Agenda

From the New Agenda: News Corp Must Censure Misogynist Louis C.K.!
Misogynist comedian Louis C.K. has gone too far!

FemiSex Add: Louis C.K. says of Palin: "her fucking retard making cunt" and "the baby that just came out of her fucking disgusting cunt."

To Palin: just "stick your tit in its mouth and shut up."

Keith Olbermann gone from MSNBC--The Bell Tolled for a Bigot

Zippity dooda zippity day, a misogynist bigot is fired today!! One less bigoted voice is coming your way! Zippity doda zippity day! The story line is that MSNBC did not fire the bigot for his misogyny; they fired him for getting too big for his britches and not saying sorry for breaking company rules and for demanding his suspension for breaking the rules end early. Doesn’t matter. Don’t expect the big men in media to directly address misogyny. But do be happy. Self-respecting women everywhere had a part in this and our united opposition to an outright media BIGOT does hold sway.

Bigot Bobblehead at Feministe in dire need of history lesson


The bobbleheads at Feministe show their 3rd wave silliness yet again with this posting:

There’s something that always gets me about white people who want to restrict immigration so as to preserve their cultural and racial dominance, which is supposedly under threat, in a given country. Who want to ban, for instance, Muslim women from wearing clothing of religious, cultural and social importance because they feel uncomfortable encountering the Other in their own backyard.