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Pope, lectures women: don’t breed “like rabbits.” Fuck You, Pope Francis; Don’t Blame Women for Your FAILINGS on Birth Control

Pope Francis on Breeding like a Rabbit

Well, well, well, the Massive Idiot, Pope Francis, has actually lectured women, who he believes, are moral shitheads if they use the pill or a condom, not to “breed like rabbits.” Hey asshole, Pope Francis, yeah, we’re talking to you: how about you not lecture women whom you would send to hell for the sin of a birth control pill. For reaction, FemiSex Buzzed up God, to get her reaction, which is simple:

Biden Smirks, Obama Dithers as health insurance premiums rise for students by a whopping 54% per semester!


Minus the spin put on it by Democrat Drew Altman, chief executive of the left of center Kaiser Family Foundation and the New York Times the fact is over the past two years health insurance premiums have risen a whopping 12 percent for an individual policy delivered through employer-based insurance policies. How many of you got a 12% raise over the past 2 years? Unless you are employed at the expense of taxpayers, as public employees are, that increase in health insurance costs means much higher out of pocket costs for individuals.

FemiLab: vulvar pre-cancer on the rise; IVF and cancer, birth control and cancer, pregnancy-associated violence and more


Best to eat!
Whole grain and cereal fibers were linked with lower risk for colorectal cancer; fruits, vegetables, and legumes were not.
Stats on collective Cardiovascular health:
• In 2004, women consumed an average of 22% more calories per day than they did in 1971, and men consumed 10% more.

• A third of adults do not undertake any physical activity.

• Cardiovascular mortality fell 31% from 1998 to 2008, possibly because of improved treatment options.