black on white crime

Hiding Black on White Crime; when Two Blacks Brutally rape and kill whites WAPO refuses to ID race of perps

Just imagine for a moment that two white men did a home invasion into a black home. The two white men brutalized the five blacks for hours, forcing the women to have sex with each other and the men to have sex with the women, then to top it off the two white intruders raped the women. Then the two white males shot all five of the blacks in an execution style murder spree. You can be sure that WhackJob Liberal Newspapers would emblazon the headlines with such a murder and play Black Lives Matter to the hilt. Think Duke Lacrosse, Think Michael Brown. Think Travon Martin.

Blacks commit nearly 80 percent of all shootings in New York and two-thirds of all violent crime ~City Journal. Blacks commit 99% of all Knockout attacks

Black on White crime needs to be called out by EVERY media outlet. The video ends with the reporter promulgating that a Black assaulting person of another race is a “macho thing” –not only is that completely wacked, it’s a clear and present danger to society. The Knockout Game is case of human slime, not a game at all.

Who Wins When Media Covers Up Massive Amount of Black on White Crime? Answer: NO ONE


On Wednesday September 25, 2013, a black male pushed a non-black female in front of a moving train in White Plains New York. The black male did not know the young girl he attacked, tried to kill and gravely injured. On that same day in East Garden City New York, an Asian male shot his boss and another worker, one of whom did not survive. The evening newscasts were filled with the gun violence, but no mention of the train push. Both suburban cities are about the same distance from Manhattan.

Covering up the fact that a large amout of black on white violence is hate crime is our new national shame


This week a group of five blacks drove by a group of three white soldiers they did not know and yelled anti-white racist slurs at the white soldiers. The blacks stopped their car, got out and continued their argument with the white men. Then a black man stabbed one of the white soldiers in the heart a few times, killing him on the spot. This is not a hate crime say the officials. FemiSex says: DANGER. DANGER. DANGER!

Pretending that blacks are not targeting and killing whites is like pretending whites did not target and kill blacks in the pre-Civil War South.

black on white crime: "all I knew is she had blond hair and blue eyes and had to die."


Last week a “homeless” black male shoved a young college student in front of an oncoming train in Westchester, a suburb of New York. She refused him money. The women was young and not African American. The evening news didn’t bother to cover that event, but was all over a shooting on Long Island. Today a “homeless” black male stabbed five in a park in the Upper West side of NY. The media did not ID the stabber by his race, nor did they give the race of the victims.