FemiStats: Gender Pay Gap for Women Scientists is Serious; and Female Board Members

From, Nature (Nature 513, 577 (2014) doi:10.1038/nj7519-577a )
From the abstract: Last year, male scientists in the United States earned 20% more on average than did female scientists, according to a report by the US National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia….full-time scientists earn a median of US$100,000, with men at $110,000 and women at $88,000.
And things don’t get better with time.

FemiStats:Hollywood’s Misogyny—a new UN study finds women around the Globe getting the shaft; plus new data on STEM and women

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From a new UN global study: women get shit on by Big “Liberal” Media. Surprise. Kinda like sayn’ water is wet and gee whiz whoda thought. While you can barely find a black criminal in movies or TV, despite the high rate at which blacks commit crimes compared to their proportion in society, there are, according to Hollywood, thundering hordes of white women a killing and a thieving and a pillaging, despite the low numbers women commit such crimes compared to men. While not a surprise, it is useful to look at the findings of this study.

FemiStats: Women’s backslide from positions of Power

Ouch! The New Agenda put this amazing video together as a big fat wake up call to young women! And All women.

FemiStats:Women MBAs earn almost 5K less out of the starting gate


The Boyz Club strikes AGAIN!. And, Talk about timing! Last night The New Agenda gave a great benefit to promote mentoring women in the workplace and now...just out from Catalyst: women MBAs are getting screwed. "According to our research, women MBA graduates earn, on average, $4,600 less than men MBA graduates in their first job out of school. We also found that mentoring benefits men the most: men with mentors received $9,260 more in their first post-MBA jobs than women with mentors. "~Catalyst

Now here is the full press court from Catalyst!

Catalyst Awards for moving women on UP!


In case you missed this year'sCatalyst Awards--the annual award honoring exceptional initiatives from organizations that support and advance women in business--we want to be sure to show you who is doing it right. Kaiser Permanente, McDonald’s Corporation, and Time Warner Inc. won and read on to see the impressive gains they've made in moving women toward more power at work and in society. PS Don't forget to order your tickets to The NEW AGENDA'S bash next week! Link below!

From Catalyst:

Stagnating women, Catalyst report shows flat progress for women in biz


From Catalyst: "New York (December 9, 2009) – Companies are still lagging in appointing women to board seats and very few women hold Executive Officer positions, according to the 2009 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors and the 2009 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Executive Officers and Top Earners. “The time is up for ‘give it time.’ Women are approximately 50 percent of the labor pool and influence over 70 percent of household spending in the United States.

Highpowered Women face downturn discrimination + Senator Chuck Hagel is a sexist bigot.


From Catalyst re the Global Downturn:
NEW YORK (August 18, 2009)
“With few exceptions, the downturn has been an equal opportunity crisis, affecting women and men similarly,” said Ilene H. Lang, President & Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst.
However, women in leadership positions were disproportionately hit. A startling 19 percent of senior women lost their jobs versus just six percent of men. Promotions in Europe were also heavily weighted in favor of men, at 44 percent compared to only 26 percent of women."

Best Distaff Initiatives Awards announced by Catalyst

keep going up ladies!

Catalyst may have put out a dry press release for their annual awards, but the goods are in the pudding!
Here’s the skinny: Business that do good things to promote women’s advancement in their ranks get an award from Catalyst.
Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading nonprofit membership organization working globally with businesses and the professions to build inclusive workplaces and expand opportunities for women and business
And The winners are:

Baxter International Inc., CH2M HILL, Gibbons P.C., and KPMG LLP are the recipients of the 2009 Catalyst Award