A woman ascends to take the fall—the story of Mary Barra

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The dolts at the NYTimes seem almost universally to have no notion of what is actually happening on any given day--the only given for the Times is the fact they are driven almost wholly by their desire to frame the news they present in a light favorable to Democrats in general, and Obama in particular. (Yes, today we're again told how wonderful ObamaCaid is when it is SO NOT.) To examine the Times' cluelessness, take this case study: A woman is named CEO of General Motors. Hmm, that’s something that has NEVER happened, not only at GM, but at any major auto company, as the Times points out.

Congrats to Ms. Mary Barra, named CEO of General Motors but women still pegged to long slogs without vertical intercompay moves


Yippee, we have the first female CEO in large-market automobile industry! Nice going for the gals. But…here’s the rub: she like most women who truly advance in the workplace have to do so after a LONG slog at a single company. Women, unlike men, are hurt by job transitions and when women do move from job to job, most likely it’s a lateral move in terms of power.

GM in a statement says Barra has 33 years of experience with the company, having served in manufacturing, engineering and senior staff positions.

The New York Times has just hired Joe Paterno as its president and CEO! Icing on the cake: says calling women bitches is: "clever"

Meet Mark Thompson, the man the New York Times today welcomed with open arms and a sloppy wet kiss as their new president and CEO, the man who was the director-general of BBC a year ago when BBC decided to kill a story about horrific alleged child sex abuse by one of their TV hosts. Marky Mark says he didn't reeallllly (honest kids) didn't know what story he was killing when he refused to "blow the lid off nookie"--a line we all remember from Broadcast News when the "smart liberal" newscaster sneered at the dumb jock reporter who wanted to do a story on date rape.

FemiStats: Woman no further along the corporate ladder than they were 6 years ago!


Last month, I spoke with a sorta wannabe journalist (she'd done some business reporting over the years) and the convo was classic liberal dude nation chick. The woman did not-- no way no how-- want to call herself a feminist even as she was happy to be a socialist. When I pointed out the lack of female power in America, she crinkled her smallish brain and loudly brayed: "why can't there be room of all of us"? (See the numbers below, to note that there is virtually no room for women, but plenty for men!)