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Blacks commit nearly 80 percent of all shootings in New York and two-thirds of all violent crime ~City Journal. Blacks commit 99% of all Knockout attacks

Black on White crime needs to be called out by EVERY media outlet. The video ends with the reporter promulgating that a Black assaulting person of another race is a “macho thing” –not only is that completely wacked, it’s a clear and present danger to society. The Knockout Game is case of human slime, not a game at all.

Inner city puppy mills for future indigents and criminals

teenaged and pregnant.jpg

This week a magnificent essay appeared in the City Journal. Written by a teacher it lamented the crisis of inner city teen pregnancy and gave us the brutal facts that white guilt supports what is, in fact, a system that enables the production of childhood neglect and often sexual abuse and ultimately another generation of blacks that grow up to be infantilized in their dependency to white guilt and handouts. The black political machine has told blacks this dependency is something they are entitled to, like children entitled to shelter from life’s demands.