A Judge, A Misogynist and a Crotch (CNN Crotch Talk with Anderson Cooper and Misogynist Kathy Griffen)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have many problems with religion, on a continuum. Islam is at the far end of that continuum and the Protestant faith (not evangelical) at the other end. Both screw women in varying degrees. In her book Nomad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali reminds us that while the Prophet Muhammad didn’t invent polygamy he did for it (to followers of Islam) what Jesus did for Grace to his followers—namely made it a hugely popular belief in the culture.

Meet the Meanies & Bigots in Media, From Roland Martin of CNN and Mike Moss of ESPN and more!

Yes, it is true, CNN’s black masher Roland Martin is suspended for telling his fans to put the beat on dudes who liked seeing David Beckham in his skivvies. Now, the thing is, violence against gays is a real thing and just last week Drudge posted a video of black men beating on a small black dude and yelling anti-gay stuff at him during the beat down.

Black Barack Hussein Obama calls Hillary a Bitch; Black Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson of Jimmy Fallon show calls Bachmann a Bitch. It's that ol' Black Misogyny


When will it stop? This morass of female hatred. Remember when on the campaign trail sexist Barack Hussein Obama fired up his supporters with the Jay-Z song “I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one of them.” Bigot Obama was referring to Hillary Clinton and it would have been righteous if Hillary had put out a press release saying that she would never be such a bigot as to say she had 99 problems but a nigger ain’t one of them. And Oddly, the media branded Hillary the racist and, sadly, sickeningly, gave Obama’s misogyny a free pass.

Jeffery Toobin--Liberal Dude Sexist--says predatory pics to co-eds ain't no thing

Toobin says: "What Breitbart was insinuating about Weiner with young girls and stuff is Outrageous, this is light hearted, silly little thing...."

Now what exactly about predatory behavior towards college girls half a Congressman's age is "a silly little thing"? And what Beitbart was insinuating about Weiner was SPOT ON--the guy is a freak and a creep and a Liberal Dude Sexist!

Mourning women's rights leaders lost in Haiti and...Celebrating the quashing of anti-XX Kathy Griffin

Good News we forgot to mention: Anti-Feminist Kathy Griffin has been
banned from CNN. No it wasn't her sexist remarks that got her off the CNN airwaves but the F word. Too Bad...but whatever the reason, Griffin's anti-woman mouth is one we are happy to see go BYE-BYE!

Another glaring failure of the Third Wave: no mention for gender and Hate Crime Bill.


The media WANTS to ignore the 250,000 rapes that occur each year!

Last Friday this header appeared on the front page of the NYTimes: "House, 281-146, Votes to Define Antigay attacks as Hate Crimes." The web version ran this header: "Congress Acts to Extend Hate Crimes to Cover Gays." Bias alert: Not a single mention that for the first time Congress extended hate crimes to cover women.

Here is the lede graf of the web version by the AP:

Obama's PORKY Lie, and the Media's non-coverage compared to Palin's Bridge to Nowhere Massive Coverage

brige to nowhere.gif

Let’s talk sexism bias by the press? Compare coverage of Obama’s BiG FAT Lie on Earmarks to Palin’s Bride to Nowhere. And the Price of this Sexism Bias to Americans: a Trillion of so bucks, give or take a few billion.

“Understand, this bill does not have a single earmark in it, which is unprecedented for a bill of this size, does not have a single earmark in it," Obama said…er LIED as he spoke to Americans in an attempt to sell his Spending/stimulus Bill of Pork to Americans.

Now...Let’s time travel.

The Press finds its Inner Dubya; CNN's Malveaux says this past year was High Point for Journalism

low water mark!

H. L. Trisky
It breaks my heart to know the profession of my choosing has refused to commit to any self-examination. Seriously folks, journalists have a job: examine the facts and report them to the public, yes report them even if you’d rather the public didn’t know.

The past year, 2008, saw an election that exposed Serious sexism and misogyny in the press; this past year, 2008, saw an election that exposed Serious bias of fact-based reporting in the press. This is a story. This is a Big Story. This is time for journalists to do the hard 360 on themselves.