In Congress, we need Parity, Yes. Monolithic Thinking, NO!


An Op-Ed (written by two Jewish liberals) in the days just after this past November’s elections, started out by celebrating the fact that for the first time women now make up 20% of the U.S. Senate—a three percentage point rise. (The House also saw an increase in XX membership: 81 female House members, for a percentage of 18.6) Good! Great! That is what we want here at FemiSex, the 50% Solution. We want 50% of Democrat Senators to be women and 50% of Republican Senators to be women. But we’d still like to see BOTH parties thrive.

Obama wants to EAT you, after he sups on those making more than you


We said it to you from the beginning: Obama will double and then triple and then quadruple spending so that it will become a necessity, if the United States of American is to survive, that everyone who pays federal income tax will pay double what they now pay. Obama is a reparations president and overwhelmingly, those who pay federal income taxes are whites. Obama is coming for you, not the so-called rich, who are just his lowest-hanging fruit. We’ve warned about this time and again, and today we have the leader of the Democrat Party saying: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class.

Bias throwdown, NYTimes, yet again, thrashes Capitalism as unworthy

Manohla Dargis, the relentlessly happy promoter of socialism and film critic at the New York Times who is likely to be another flunky NYTimes op-ed writer someday soon, unsurprisingly bashes the movie Atlas Shrugged. But read closely, as she says one of the great books on the defense of capitalism is not worth reading! Really? the NYTimes film critic. Really? Note: other books Doofus Dargis would say to skip: “The Origin of the Species” and “Little Women.”

“In Glories of Capitalism, with gas at $40 a gallon,”