Doonesbury Strip Cartoon cracks fun of GOP and DNC misogyny--If ONLY!


So, Doonesbury has a nice contraception cartoon up; but if only he'd do the DNC version. We'll help you out here: first box of cartoon:DNC worker: "Young lady, I'm a liberal Obama supporter working for Obama's re-elections campaign." Young Lady: "yes?" Next cartoon box: Obot "Would this be your first visit to a Republican event?" Young Lady: "No, I've been a Republican for a while now." Next cartoon box: Obot: "I see. So do your parents know you are a SLUT, Whore, Cunt, White Bitch?" Young Lady: "Wow, so great to know I'm allowed to be fucked by Democrat men and not have to pay for it."

Obama as the ULTIMATE Cultural Warrior; lobs contraception bomb and laughs as it goes off, laughs as women get short straw

When Mitt Romney took a liberal debate moderator to task for trying to gin up a storm over contraception in America, saying there wasn’t any big debates on contraception going on and why did the moderator want to deal in hypotheticals, Barack Hussein Obama was listening. He thought to himself, OH Goodie! Here is another chance to make war on women so he lobbed a contraception grenade (Force Catholics to pay for birth control) and waited for it to go off.

The media likes to pretend that Obama wandered aimlessly into this mess, as per this The Hill phrasing:

FemiStats: Teen Birth Rates and Contraception Facts

Teen Birth Rates

*The teen birth rate increased in more than half of all 50 states in 2006, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The birth rate for teenagers 15 and older rose 3% in 2006, the first increase since 1991

*The age of mothers at first birth fell in 2006 from 25.2 to 25.0 — the first such decline recorded by the CDC

*Teen birth rates (2006) were highest in the South and Southwest, with the highest rate recorded in Mississippi, followed by New Mexico, and Texas.