If ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) Stays, Say Goodbye to Your Doctor Forever

To anyone who’s ever read the misery that is ObamaCaid, aka, ObamaCare, there was this truth central to the entire law: the push to force doctors into Taco-Bell sort of workers, chogging along an assembly line of predetermined one-size fits-all care.

The difference between Would and Could brings down the NYTimes


Republicans also say they will try to deny money to put Mr. Obama’s new health care law into effect, though they have not made clear what they would do to make up the cost savings that would be lost if they succeeded in repealing the law.

Ah , the law of repeating something over and over again in the hopes that if people hear it enough, it will become true in their minds, even if it lacks credibility in fact.

Over-diagnosis of cancers and prevention costs, what Obama won’t tell you


Obama has told us that preventative care instillation to millions more Americans will tamp down costs . But, pesky facts keep getting in the way. From ABC news via the CBO:

In yet more disappointing news for Democrats pushing for health care reform, Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, offered a skeptical view Friday of the cost savings that could result from preventive care -- an area that President Obama and congressional Democrats repeatedly had emphasized as a way health care reform would be less expensive in the long term.