Human Rights Watch refuses to condemn Sharia Law!


From Human Rights Watch:

Human Rights Watch takes no position on Sharia law per se...

REALLY? ON MLK Day--a day about equality-- let's think about this: WHO are the Human Rights Watch folks? well..... first from their web site:

Who you calling a Coward? Try to walk the walk before you talk the talk, Mr. Holder

cowards the lot of you

Why Obama and other liberals (yes that includes DNC pro-force Tim Kaine, and Mr. name-caller Holder at Justice, and Can-you -Spare –a-few- Trillion Speaker Pelosi) need to speak out forcefully on Abortion as Human Rights issue.

From Center for Reproductive Rights
February 17, 2009
In May 2006, Z., a young pregnant woman from one of Moldova's poorest regions, had an abortion at home. Suffering from severe blood loss, she rushed to a local hospital, only to be reported to the police by doctors and then detained.