David Carr

Democrat Warren Buffett buys 63! newspapers, Democrat Les Moonves gives up the ghost of non-partisan journalism at CBS, New Yorker calls Republican Americans radicals, and...Times David Carr worries that one paper owned by Republican is THE END!


This week, the Democrat David Carr/NYTimes published an item worrying about “a situation where moneyed interests [such as] Republican Douglas Manchester…. buy papers and use them to prosecute a political…agenda.” Also this week: the Democrat John Cassidy/New Yorker published an item saying Mitt Romney is a person of no worth and persons who vote Republican are radicals of the highest degree. Here is the John Cassidy prosecuting the Democrat agenda:

What do Barack Obama and Keith Olbermann have in common? Just about everything


H/t to DRT. Tim Russert, Christopher Hitchens and Keith Olbermann have all been placed on FemiSex Deathwatch (in the spirit of one Slate.com started for Hillary) and guess what: yes, Tim is gone, Christopher is gone, Keith is gone once from MSNBC and now he's imploding with his bud Al Gore at Current TV.