dealth penalty

Why Lefty Dems “journalists” are the new idiot box


“It took the jury about 14½ hours to decide it wanted to kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I take longer than that to pick out a pair of pants when I’m shopping online.” This is the lead sentence from a Slate item that despairs that Tsarnaev was given the death penalty for blowing helpless children and other civilians to bits as the watched the Boston Marathon.

The writer, one Seth Stevenson, feels really connected to Dzhokhar, and finds it “baffling” why the jury would met out harsh justice to Dzhokhar, cuz, ya know, he only became a vicious terrorist because, like, his bro told him to, ya know.

Cheering for the dealth penalty can be the right thing to do. Just think Hayes & Komisarjevsky

I have a long-standing push pull with the death penality. Push DNA evidence exonerations; pull, every day stories like the one I am about to show you as well as the fact that having the dealth penalty on the table allows deals to be made to find locations of other remaining bodies, which in turn can help parents find some tiny shred of peace. The NYTimes likes to pretend that only mean ol' GOPers cheer for the dealth penalty, so let's travel now to see what some HuffPO liberals have to say about what to do with a child rapist: