If ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) Stays, Say Goodbye to Your Doctor Forever

To anyone who’s ever read the misery that is ObamaCaid, aka, ObamaCare, there was this truth central to the entire law: the push to force doctors into Taco-Bell sort of workers, chogging along an assembly line of predetermined one-size fits-all care.

Pay for Performance Gets a Bad Grade

grade D

On the stump Obama very much liked the idea of pay for performance (P4P) for medical doctors. His top heath care advisor, David Cutler, Ph.D., dean for the social sciences and a professor of applied economics at Harvard University—and not an MD, is an ardent supporter of pay for performance for MDs.
Trouble is, Obama is for stuff before he understands how it may play out.

Here is a study that is very interesting. After P4P was instituted in the UK, quality of care actually declined.