Eduardo Porter

The time has come to end mandatory payroll deductions of Federal and State Taxes


In yesterday's Communist Manifesto that is the New York Times are three of the most disturbing sentences I’ve read outside of Stalinist Russia: “Tax breaks work like spending. Giving a deduction for certain activities, like homeownership or retirement savings, is the same as writing a government check to subsidize those activities. Functionally they mimic entitlements.” So now it is an “entitlement” to keep the money you EARN. Wow.Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better.

Obama wants to EAT you, after he sups on those making more than you


We said it to you from the beginning: Obama will double and then triple and then quadruple spending so that it will become a necessity, if the United States of American is to survive, that everyone who pays federal income tax will pay double what they now pay. Obama is a reparations president and overwhelmingly, those who pay federal income taxes are whites. Obama is coming for you, not the so-called rich, who are just his lowest-hanging fruit. We’ve warned about this time and again, and today we have the leader of the Democrat Party saying: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class.

Why do Democrats say women who have children they can't care for are heroes when they are in reality leeches?


Meet this mother of FIVE, Elizabeth Escalona, who has been sentenced to 99 years in jail for gluing her child’s hands to a wall as punishment for existing as a child. Now meet the DemoRATs who insist that 23- year-old Elizabeth Escalona, up until the time she got that glue bottle out, was a hero who needs every white working mom to shovel out a third of her income to pay for the care and feeding and etc., etc., of Elizabeth Escalona’s FIVE kids. Dems call Elizabeth Escalona a hero mom—until reality catches up.

Obama's front men are laying the foundation for a MASSIVE gasoline tax hike if Obama is re-elected


Eduardo Porter is a socialist/communist “economic” writer at the NYTimes who has NEVER met a tax he didn’t have a hard on for, or a redistribution scheme he didn't want to take home to his government teat mother. His latest salvo to tax Americans into oblivion is his wont to see gas taxes rise in the U.S. to levels seen in the E.U. --from .49 cents per gallon to $5 per gallon. He, Hee, Heed HEED!: