Transparency Trans-shamarncy –Obama DECLARES White House a NO-GO Zone for FOIA Requests

Obama lying.PNG

Obama Officially Kills White House Email Transparency Promises—wait for it: oh there it is: Media Yawns, relentlessly covers that White B**** Hillary, on her lack of transparency. White Gal GETS it; Black Guy, not so much, er…not at all. If Obama says one thing, you can be sure he means the other. Remember...

Make no mistake: MSM's frenzy over Palin emails is misogyny

Dear fellow journalists: if the Palin emails put egg on our faces by showing that we distorted an engaged, competent and thoughtful Governor into a ignorant spiteful Bit$ch out of our utter hatred for female power--or the knowledge that to get ahead in male-dominated journalism we gals had better straddle the big bosses pony by enabling misogyny towards Palin--then here's what to do: say 'oh well, she's just a washed up divisive bit&ch now and that she's shown herself unable to handle media pressure.' For an example of how to use this gambit read the below excerpt of my story on Po