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Why do so-called liberal feminists refuse to demand more power for women?


Eleanor Clift is a dipwad and only more so when she recently said (in True fauxliberal feminist fashion) that the reason Congress was not made up of 50% female politicians is because women have: get ready for it: "better things to do." Snicker my fritz what a woman, what a gal Friday Eleanor is to her boy Obama. YUCK. Women can't get to 50% in Congress because imbicle bigots like Eleanor attack with sexism and raw hatred any women of the Red variety who tries to get the Republican side of the aisle a bit more gender blended.

Football and Female Hatred: why do liberal women have so many rules for acceptable female behaviour?

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As I watched the game intermittently last night (with time outs for clicking over to Frozen to watch wolves eat a couple of skiers) I thought about a recent column in Time magazine that I’d read back in December of 2011. The title of the piece was “A League of Their Own—Adventures with women who love football and the women who love to hate them.”
Liberal women have a lot a pent up hatred of non-liberal women

... and they do much to further the women wars on any front they can—that has been my experience.

Female sexism and reverse racism


Last Tuesday, after we posted our piece on Hollywood’s sexism blind eye, a reader sent us her thoughts. Lavern Merriweather wrote:

You bitches are full of shit with a capital S! And maybe you wouldn't have to worry about 'sexism' all the fucking time if you didn't contribute to it your damn selves!

A bad week for female sexism!


This week, Tina Brown tells us :
Hillary crisply corrected an errant questioner at a presser because: “She feels fat.” Injury to insult: Ms. Brown also contends Hillary’s rebuke was fueled by her annoyance with her bad hair day and her hubby’s decision to eat out without her!
More Female BAAAD: The

Female sexism is a blight --study on theater

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FemiSex has bemoaned the sexist bias of Broadway plays in the past. For example we wrote about the cultural assult against women that is, "August, Osage County." With almost all produced plays coming from men's ballpoint bics, surprise, surprise, right. Well...

Hark the Herald—Women as their own Roadblocks are perhaps the largest Roadblock to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A CNN poll finds Red women prefer Huckabee over Palin.

“It might come as a surprise to some that Palin does better than Huckabee among GOP men but that Huckabee beats Palin among Republican women,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.