FemiLab: Bye, bye Baby…Blues

Two recent studies show new ways to combat post-partum depression. For new moms at risk, telephone based support from women peers who had previously overcome post partum depression worked to ward off the syndrome. Also, effective at combating baby blues: in-home counseling by trained home health professions for new moms who screened positive for depressive symptoms.
Source: BMJ

FemiLab Fat Free milk may ward off hypertension in women

Source: the American Heart Association journal, Hypertension.

After Harvard researchers vetted the diets of 30,000 women they found women who drank two or more servings of fat free milk each day reduced their risk for high blood pressure by up to10 percent compared to those who drank fat free milk less than once a month.

Granted 10 percent is not an earthquake in reduced risk, but file this under: Good to know!

Inaugural FemiLab

Originally Femisex planned a feature on Femisex home page called “Sci-Cul Facts” where readers might find relevant scientific studies on gender and culture issues as well as other pertinent data. Get it?? Cycle/Sci-Cul? Wisely our administrator ignored this idea of ours and did not put up the tab b/c it really is a dumb name, utterly non-grounding.

But a wise reader offered this suggestion about a month ago: