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In the News: the New Agenda has a redesign of their web site! Cool stuff, check it out! And we here at FemiSex say Welcome! to our new Followers on Twitter: Taxes show @Taxesshow; Chris Angelini, Cris (@ConserValidity); Caroline Hannigan (@moxiesmummy); Progressive News (@ProgressiveNew); Edge Oforever (@edgeoforever). Also, one of our devoted followers has published an essay in Range Magazine's spring issue and has opened her own blog up for biz! Here is the links:



Abortion Ping Pong, and so-called feminist writers who ignore the the fierce urgency of now to do MORE than punt our uteruses to and fro.

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So good news, the Mexico City Policy, aka, the Global Gag Rule is once again, not in force. Obama, via executive order, rescinded what was dreamt up by Reagan, continued by Daddy Bush, rescinded by Bill Clinton, reinstated by G.W. Bush, and now…the ping has ponged to Obama’s side of the table. Whoopee! Women worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief... for a time. But when the next Republican takes office he or she will be forced by the pro-force wing of the party to Yet Again send women back to the stone ages.

She Just May be President Some Day –Wink Wink

She Just May be President Some Day –Wink Wink
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On May 18th, when the press had decided that Obama would be given the nomination the New York Times wrote this piece: She Just May be President Some Day. The Times felt safe—Hillary was disposed of so why not toss Hillary supporters a bone? The piece is intended to confuse and demoralize women from tying again. It paints of picture of such dim hope that it laughs in our faces.

Here are some excerpts with FemiSex comments below: