FemiStats, infant mortality and race, marriage and race

From NPR/Kaiser Health News reports. Black women are about 60% more likely than white women to have a preterm delivery, and black infants are 230% more likely than their white peers to die before their first birthdays. (this takes into account death by homicide and abuse/neglect)...David Paul -- a neonatologist at Christiana Hospital who heads the Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium -- said many early births are caused by pre-existing factors in the mother, including high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes and substance misuse

FemiStats: the OP-ED Project: byline ratios, male to female--still all boys talking


As you know, FemiSex is aggressive in promoting bylines by women in media. Both of our past surveys found that male bylines come in at 85% in thought-leader mags. This is a consistent finding. More specifically, in op-ed sections there are similar ratios. A great group--The Op-Ed Project--has set out to rectify the dearth of female voice in media. Here is a link and their findings on male to female voice ratios in media op-eds:

Byline Survey: Aggregated Numbers October- December, 2010
outlets in survey:
New York Times
Washington Post

Suha Arafat get kudos in Palistine and Congo men get encouragment from liberlal dude nation


Things to know about: UN report raises alarm over boom in world's population
A UN forecast estimates that the global population will increase from about 7 billion to 10.1 billion by 2100, making it more difficult to provide food, water, energy, education and jobs for the world's poor. "We are raising the alarm that even though the population of the world has reduced its growth rate enormously, current growth rates are too high," said the director of the population division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

FemiStats: Women’s backslide from positions of Power

Ouch! The New Agenda put this amazing video together as a big fat wake up call to young women! And All women.

FemiStats:Women MBAs earn almost 5K less out of the starting gate


The Boyz Club strikes AGAIN!. And, Talk about timing! Last night The New Agenda gave a great benefit to promote mentoring women in the workplace and now...just out from Catalyst: women MBAs are getting screwed. "According to our research, women MBA graduates earn, on average, $4,600 less than men MBA graduates in their first job out of school. We also found that mentoring benefits men the most: men with mentors received $9,260 more in their first post-MBA jobs than women with mentors. "~Catalyst

Now here is the full press court from Catalyst!

FemiStats: archive data of Home Page Stats for comparision

We are about to update our FemiStats on the Home Page with the newest data available in 2011! We want to keep an archive of the data from prior years so you can see for yourself how things are changing, not changing or stagnate. See below for the archive data! And get ready for new Homepage Data that is latest available stats.

FemiStats --Original Data 2009
Women to men
153.6 million
The number of females in the United States as of Oct. 1, 2007. The number of males is 149.4 million.
Source: US Census Bureau
Earnings, women to men

FemiStats: Domestic Violence in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. – A new survey conducted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) reveals telling information about domestic violence services in the U.S.
On September 15, 2010 – one 24-hour period – domestic violence victim advocates served more than 70,000 adults and children and answered more than 20,000 emergency hotline calls. During the same 24 hours, more than 9,000 requests for services went unmet, largely due to lack of funding.

FemiStats: Blue Brings Chocolate ; and Work Stress Tips the Scale

Depressed Folks Eat More Chocolate

Both men and women who had higher depression scores consumed almost 12 servings of chocolate per month.
--Men and women who had lesser depression scores ate about eight servings of chocolate per month.
--Men and women with no depression had five servings of chocolate per month.
--No differentiation was made between dark and milk chocolate; a medium serving of chocolate was one ounce, which is slightly less than an average chocolate candy bar.
Source: University of California, San Diego School of Medicine