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FemiStats: Under Obama: one if five children in US on Food Stamps; Obama lauds dependence as vote get tool for Dems

Less than half (48 percent) of households today are married couples, down from 76 percent in 1940.
The number of children receiving food stamps remains higher than it was before the start of the Great Recession in 2007. [read: Obama has seriously ramped up food stamp dependence.]

Barack Hussein Obiama's Plan to Lard America with Unsustainable Debt to bring Down America

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If you want to understand Barack Hussein Obama you must first understand the Cloward-Piven strategy. During the time Obama was at Columbia University, this married couple Francis Piven and Richard Cloward, taught and wrote about their strategy to bring down American capitalism and replace it with, what else can anyone call it but communism. They advocated for, according to Wikipedia, “overloading the U.S.

Whites Flee Democrat Party. Plus: Before Obama, Able-bodied men had to work for long-term food stamp support

This morning ABC Democrat George Stephanopoulos had one Republican guest and four Democrats on his Sunday morning show. Why? Because he’s very worried that Obama won’t win this coming Tuesday. What better than to have four pro-Obama folks on his show to spin for Obama? Too sad, and too bad that we no longer have objective journalists on broadcast MSM.

Obama has no idea how to create jobs; welfare dependency is his trick


Yesterday we did a case study of one family on VERY generous welfare benefits. Yesterday Obama denied he is ramping up welfare to alarming rates. So here are the facts. Folks you can either have a man as president who has NO idea how to create jobs and who only knows shuffling money from one person's bank account to another's. Or you can have Mitt who knows what needs to be done to cut debt and make the United States, once again a lean fighting machine.

On the Dole... with no stigma attached?


Guest post, by Feezine
One in eight Americans is currently on Food Stamp aid, per the NYTimes.
And according to a report by Cornell researchers,
Nearly half of American children - including 90 percent of black children and 90 percent of children who spend their childhoods in single-parent households - will eat meals paid for by food stamps at some point during childhood.