George Stephanopoulos

Fake Journalists at War with Real Ones—read Fake as in George Stephanopoulos, and real: Sy Hersh and Sheryl Attkisson

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Well well well, the media is shitting on a journalist great Sy Hersh—yeah he’s the real deal folks. Why, you ask? Well… because he’s calling Obama liar. Now for sure sayn’ that Obama lies is like calling water wet, but for those in LOVE with Obama (yeah that be the editor of the New Yorker—Obama Mainstream Masturbator David Remnick) the only action of a good journalist (ahem) is to attack anyone who attacks Barky. Now we don’t know the truth or not of any single report in the media and it will take digging to find out the full truth, as is the case in anything.

This Week with George Stephanopoulos Roundtable Heavily Loopsided: 5 DEMs to 1 Repub; and discrimination against whites on campus

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“This Week” on ABC is an ongoing paean to liberal bias, with Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos heading up what almost always is a roundtable stacked with Democrats. And this is especially true when Obama’s poll numbers slip into dangerous terrritorty as they have now. (Obama’s approval rating is around 40%, currently.) This morning the show was 5 Dems to 1 Republican. Seriously, how stupid does ABC think Americans are????