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Why Doesn't Whoopi Want to Talk About Bill Crosby Rape Allegations

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The other day it was reported the Whoopi Goldberg didn’t want to chit chat on The View about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual abuse of many women, most of whom, it seems, were white. Whoopi also evidently didn’t want to talk about the unruly Ferguson protests—the case where a black criminal who allegedly beat a cop, tried to get his gun and then charged him during an arrest attempt, was shot, and where the black community has expected that no matter what a black criminal does, he must never be shot by a white cop, even if that means the cop must die.

Gloria Steinem says U.S. not ready for female potus: video

Gloria Steinem and the age of “can not be” for women
I have always admired Gloria Steinem, not because I know much about her, but because she seemed to be a woman who allowed women to be what they wanted to be. And of course she founded a feminist magazine. Only later did I learn that the feminist magazine she founded was yet another way of telling women what they can not be—they cannot be fiscally responsible voters even if they are socially tolerant voters. Ho hum, yet more mandates on women’s choice.