A woman ascends to take the fall—the story of Mary Barra

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The dolts at the NYTimes seem almost universally to have no notion of what is actually happening on any given day--the only given for the Times is the fact they are driven almost wholly by their desire to frame the news they present in a light favorable to Democrats in general, and Obama in particular. (Yes, today we're again told how wonderful ObamaCaid is when it is SO NOT.) To examine the Times' cluelessness, take this case study: A woman is named CEO of General Motors. Hmm, that’s something that has NEVER happened, not only at GM, but at any major auto company, as the Times points out.

Congrats to Ms. Mary Barra, named CEO of General Motors but women still pegged to long slogs without vertical intercompay moves


Yippee, we have the first female CEO in large-market automobile industry! Nice going for the gals. But…here’s the rub: she like most women who truly advance in the workplace have to do so after a LONG slog at a single company. Women, unlike men, are hurt by job transitions and when women do move from job to job, most likely it’s a lateral move in terms of power.

GM in a statement says Barra has 33 years of experience with the company, having served in manufacturing, engineering and senior staff positions.

Obama's HOUSE of LIES continues

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Obama's House of Lies just keeps on lying. Sad fact: when Obama's operatives show up on Sunday morning and tell the American people--whom they so clearly disdain--lie after lie, what's a person to do? Even Wapo says Obama is lying but most Americans don't read Wapo. The evening news gives us a clip of Obama lies (or his operatives) and then says some disdainful thing about Romney not believing Obama without saying that Obama was LYING! Need to take a bath? I do. Here's an example of our LIAR in Chief: