Unemployment Stuck at Extremely High Levels Under Obama’s Tenure; PS, Google Sucking Jobs from Middle Class While Keeping Obama in Office

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Here is a fact that the Democrat-controlled mass media keeps hidden from those who don’t go looking: if unemployment numbers were an accurate reflection of who is really unemployed—that is, counted those who have just dropped out of workforce and are now likely living on welfare of some sort—our unemployment rate is a whopping 10 percent.

But rather that seeing an “Unemployment Stuck at 10% Under Obama’s Tenure; Historically High Levels of Labor Force Participation” as a headline, what Jane Q. Public gets is:

Google is a Clear and present Danger to American Democracy, your privacy and our Constitution

google spying on Americans

"This company [Google] reads, on a daily basis, every email that's submitted, and when I say read, I mean looking at every word to determine meaning," said Texas attorney Sean Rommel, who is co-counsel suing Google. ~Associated Press

ObamaSam is Spying on you all day all night, and Facebook and Google are his assets


This will give you a chuckle. Before the Snowden story broke, outing Silicon Valley as complicit in the massive spying by Obama on Americans every communiqué, the WSJ published a story titled: “New online-data bill sets up privacy fight.” The story opens: “Silicon Valley is fighting privacy advocates over a California bill, the first of its kind in the nation, that would require companies like Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. to disclose to users the personal data they have collected and with whom they have shared it.”

Democrats War on Democracy

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If you wonder just how low the NYTimes will go to protect Their ONE at the expense of American democracy, just note this NYTimes headline in response to the news Obama is going after freedom of the press, free speech and covering up his ineptitude on Benghazi as well as his weeks spent lying to Americans about that episode: “GOP, Energized, Weighs How Far to Take Inquiries.” Yep, that’s right. Obama sins Big, and the story, according to the NYTimes is the fact that we have a two party system that wants to make Obama accountable for his Large sins.