Gwyneth Paltrow

ObamaCare, a job-killing, Middle-Class Screwing, buget-busting debacle. Note to Malcolm Gladwell: It's not "heroic" to redistribute health care from Middle Class to the entrenched poor


H/t to Harper Lee. From USA Today this past week:

Physician Praveen Arla is witnessing a reversal of health care fortunes: Poor, long-uninsured patients are getting Medicaid through Obamacare and finally coming to his office for care. But middle-class workers are increasingly staying away.

From the New Yorker this week:

“[ObamaCare] did heroic work in broadening coverage and redistributing wealth from the haves to the have-nots." [er, from the Middle Class to the poor]

Gwyneth Paltrow explains why she wants cosmetic surgery and why actors are dumb


After dufus Matt Damon paraded up his 90 point IQ to talk about how teachers get "shitty" salaries (80K in Boston --for 9 mos work--not including pension and health benefits to die for and lifetime tenure..all for entering college with the lowest SAT scores of any group major)we now have Paltrow telling us that her cosmetic boob surgery would not be due to vanity unlike a botox injection. Kids this is the reason actors are actors--because they couldn't do math or logic in high school beyond a C grade.
From SF Chronicle: