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Media's/DNC's message to Women: Get off the Bus Bitch, Make way for Male


Let’s start off with a moment of remembrance for the so-called feminist Barbara Ehrenreich who was so appalled with a female contender against a black male contender for the seat of POTUS, that Ehrenreich wrote that Hillary “set a new low for floors in general, and would, if she could have got within arm's reach, have rubbed the broken glass into Obama's face.” And of course, their was the so-called feminist Nancy Pelosi who plotted in Shakespearian fashion against Hillary’s run from day one and when Hillary started winning BIG over Barry’s fraud-tainted caucus victories, declared Hillary’s

Our Feckless Leader: Barack Hussein Obama


In Cairo Obama preened and said this:

So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.

Now, Obama says this: It is not good enough for Murbarak to step down and transition his country to democracy in a timely orderly manner that just might prevent the Muslim Brotherhood for gaining dominance, no... Obama says "go Now" and "I want to be clear, now means YESTERDAY."

We next point to the atrocity of Obama's message to any friend and ally of the U.S. for years upon years: Fuck off.

Will He still have sex with me if I vote for Hillary? Flashback then move forward


August , 2010 A compilation: — Despite an influx of female candidates in this year's elections, the U.S. trails other nations in the proportion of women holding elected positions, the AP/Boston Globe reports. The AP/Globe reports that only 17% of U.S. congressional seats are held by women, compared with 22% in Europe and 42% in Nordic countries. According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, women hold 19% of the seats in national legislatures worldwide. However, the U.S.

“Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.”


Remember those fabdamtabulous words out of Hillary's mind then mouth 15 years ago, speaking in Beijing? Well she recently reprised them at a speech at the UN. During her talk this past March,
Clinton recommended more top women hires for UN
and wants to consolidate women's issues into one "Super Agency" to bring equality to women worldwide!

When Women Win ALL Women Win!


Oh this is a week to celebrate! Women winning in political elections is grrrrreat! Now let's check in with what women have to say about this week's political gains for women! First from The New Agenda: "A CLEAN SWEEP: Women Politicians Take the Night! In all five major primaries races where women ran, women won! One network called it: "Ladies Night!"

The New Agenda congratulates South Carolina's Nikki Haley*, California's Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln and Nevada's Sharron Angle for their primary victories (*may face a run-off on June 22nd).

Katha Pollitt of "The Nation" celebrates Hillary's loss to Obama

hrc cartoon 2.gif

"I'm still glad I supported Obama over Hillary Clinton,” says Katha Pollitt, the token female writer at The Nation as well as airhead extraordinaire and slave to patriarchy. Why exactly is she glad about her devotional attendance to her master Obama? Because—and kids, I kid you not on this one!—because…if Hillary had won, media types would have said mean things about Hillary. REALLY. Folks, it just don’t getin’ anynin’ more stupidn’ than this! AS IF, the media hadn’t already savaged Hillary in 2008.



Guest post!! by - Lois Adams
The constant theme running through the Sarah Palin articles that have been springing up like mushrooms after a rainstorm since she burst on the national scene a year and a half ago, is: why do they hate her so much?
Well, we know why men would hate her - no mystery there. An embarras de choix in fact: -

misogyny: she belongs to a group that it is OK to hate;

politics: she belongs to the wrong political party/ideology (conservative);

elitism: she is white trailer trash and didn't go to Harvyale;

Palin is mocked for quitting, Hillary was mocked for not, but men... they get a pass


As democratic men drop out like flies --most recently Patrick Kennedy and now Evan Bayh, I have not yet seen an itty bit of vitriol from the Patriarchy Press calling these men quitters or idiots for quitting. When men quit there is a reason, when women do, they are dolts. Ah, more to come on that later. For now, I am betting that Bayh is thinking to unseat the King of Zero from his throne in 2012.