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David Gregory tells America Hillary Clinton had "establishment support" in 08. HA!!


Today on Meet the Press:

MR. GREGORY: What's it going to take for a woman to be president?.... You say the right woman. You know, supporters of yours I've talked to over time say, "You know what, we're so disappointed, because if she couldn't do it, who can?" I mean,

all the establishment support

, all the money, married to a former president, all of these things that you had established, and yet you couldn't do it. It's very daunting to a lot of people.

Hillary’s Debut at the Council of Foreign Relations; Forget Slick Willy, we have Unctuous Obama

She's under my Thumb

Today as I listened to Hillary Clinton give her first major address as SOS at the Council of Foreign Relations on F street in Washington, Baaaa-rack Obama held court in the Rose Garden on health care. It was an utterly infantile move, yet the media bit hard, not even mentioning Hillary’s SOS debut on the evening broadcast news. NBC, whose anchor actually bowed to Obama last month, lead with the Rose Garden non-story and then featured a sit-down with Barack as he told us all that Hillary was right all along on mandating healthcare coverage.

Senator Leahy's Distain for Alpha Women: Leahy tells Hillary: GET OUT!; tells Gillibrand, SHUT UP!

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Remember Senator Leahy—yeah that one, the one who told Hillary Clinton to shut the hell up and get out of the race for POTUS way back in March of 08!
Leahy told the world that Hillary should drop out! GET OUT, you harridan and get BEHIND teh Obama male with far less experience. Get behind the guy with no experience, even as you stack up legitimate wins to Obama’s questionable caucus shenanigans. Leahy to women: DROP DEAD!

The Polarizing of Sarah Palin, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and...any woman who wants to be King


Yesterday, on a comment thread I reminded readers of a particular sexist trick used to disembowel female pols—the old: she’s too polarizing theme. Specifically, I mentioned Hollywood’s David (Obama) Geffen’s charge that Hillary Clinton was “incredibly polarizing.”

Media Ignores Hillary’s SOS Tears

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I found
this item today on Politics Daily. A story and video of SOS Clinton getting emotional about a fallen diplomat.

No Country for Ambitious Women

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Sometimes I come across a letter from a reader that makes me want to cry, albeit this woman journo has not shed a tear in many long years in abject quaking fear that Missy Dowd will fine me for playing up the pert possibilities of my female peeps. Yak:-) So when I came across the below reader letter posted by jebldmm on Salon.com, I kept all tears in check.

Before I post jebldmm’s letter, I will give you the link to the dribble from Miss Rebecca Traister that prompted the letter.

Hark the Herald—Women as their own Roadblocks are perhaps the largest Roadblock to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A CNN poll finds Red women prefer Huckabee over Palin.

“It might come as a surprise to some that Palin does better than Huckabee among GOP men but that Huckabee beats Palin among Republican women,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Asked and Answered! The Atlantic asks: Should Women Rule the World; The Atlantic gives 90% of its byline space to Men, Pays Misogynist Andrew Sullivan to write about Hillary’s “Cooties” and Palin’s “Massive Boobs” and “Porn-style Pumps”, pays the women it

pays the women it condescends to hire to write sexist material on par with Misogyny Sullivan; the Atlantic answers, Should Women Rule the World? Over our DEAD Print Body!

The Atlantic has this on the cover of its November issue—in Bold Capitals: