Why is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in jail for practicing free speech in America and WHY doesn't the NYTimes ask this question?


Remember when Madonna dedicated her song “Like a Virgin” to the Pope? And when she burned crosses, and sexually made with a black Jesus in her videos? Or when Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL? Ah, remember when Christians around the world slaughtered white women in response to such big ol’ nasties?
Wait…didn’t happen. What else didn’t happen? Neither Madonna or O’Connor was arrested and put in jail for slamming the Christian religion. And the New York Times lauded Madonna for…get ready for it…
“The Triumph of Willfulness.”

Obama lied to us about the health care mandate and his lies pile up to a pattern: once he's elected he Flips his position

Barack Hussein Obama can't be trusted to tell the pulic the truth about his agenda. Before his election:

and of course, after his election, he did the Total Flip Flop and re Etched his position. The public is just that stupid they will not notice what a Liar I was before, so thinks the Dear Leader.

Chris Matthews paints Congresswoman Bachmann as Bimbo


Marilyn Monroe is a hero of mine. I won’t go into all the details here, but let’s just say that in a world that insisted that women be who they should be not who they wanted to be, Marilyn Monroe gave it her all to become who she wanted to be. The New York Times will NEVER write a piece that accurately portrays what Ms.

Jared L. Loughner, a man who "grew contemptuous of women in positions of power"~nyt


Well, well, well, guess what is buried in a story about shooter Jared L. Loughner? This gem from the NY Times:

“As he alienated himself from his small clutch of friends, grew contemptuous of women in power and became increasingly oblivious to basic social mores, Loughner seemed to develop a dreamy alternative world, where the sky was sometimes orange, the grass sometimes blue and the Internet’s informational chaos provided refuge.”

Every time the Times commits sexism, cancel the paper for a week!


Last week a group of us gals made a pact: Whenever the Times commits noteworthy sexism we will cancel our subscription to the Times for one week. Barely an hour went by before I had to call the Times and cancel for the next two weeks. Yesterday we wrote about Mauren Dowd's Mean Girl sexism of using sexism to hurt women. Today we will point out another atrocity the Times has committed against women.

Obama Embraces Hyde Amendment and, Yet Again, plays political Football with women’s uteruses

Obama gives the f u to women

On the stump Obama promised to rid America of the fusty Hyde Amendment; in office Obama has ditched women, yet again. Hyde remains strong and healthy in the Obama administration.

The Hyde Amendment dates back to 1976; it prohibits federal funds (read Medicaid) from being used to pay for poor women to obtain adequate reproductive medical care (yes the “A” word is the medical care suppressed.)

Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, responding to the abortion funding restrictions maintained in the Obama budget said this:

CNN removes video of James Carville telling Americans it is OK to inflict sexual violence

CNN is protecting James Carville by removing his defense of this act; all bias, all BULL

Well, well it looks like CNN has demanded that UTube remove the video of democrat James Carville telling Americans that it is AOK to treat women who run for POTUS as nothing more than sex toys. Last December, FemiSex wrote about the Carville CNN interview in which Carville asserted that he would have done more than grope a cardboard cutout.

His exact words:
CNN video of James Carville talking about Gropergate ; Carville says if the camera had caught him “it wouldn’t have been a piece of cardboard, I promise you that!”