Media and Democrats teaching young boys to sexually humiliate women is terribly, terribly dangerous


A young boy in Iowa tried to rape his mom after she told him he couldn't play with his violent video game. When he couldn't rape her he killed her. Hmm, I wonder what in our culture makes a young boy want to sexually dominate his mum when she tries to dominate him? I bet he called his mum a bitch when he was pulling off her pants during the assult. Flashback: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits~Louis CK on Twitter 2008.

(Per the news story: the cops found mum's body naked from the waist down.)

Why Does Liberal Dude Nation/Hollywood Insist on Keeping Women's Choice Locked in the Closet?


Do you ever get as sick of liberals using abortion as a political tool as I do? In the end, I've decided that, where once I voted based upon choice, I now understand that Democrats have no interest in ending the abortion wars. In fact, the Democrats would be sunk without the choice issue, in terms of their non-minority female vote. As proof of liberals disdain for socializing American in favor of choice...

Hollywood, a REDneck sexist backwater

top 10 sexist

In keeping with yesterday’s theme on Hollywood and sexism: