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A win: a treaty to protect global domestic workers


This time Human Rights Watch got it right. A new treaty to protect domestic workers. From HRW:

The International Labor Organization (ILO) decided to consider new international standards on domestic work.
Last year, the ILO agreed to create a legally binding convention, to be ratified by countries that agree to be parties to it - to strengthen and enforce laws protecting domestic workers.

Human Rights Watch refuses to condemn Sharia Law!


From Human Rights Watch:

Human Rights Watch takes no position on Sharia law per se...

REALLY? ON MLK Day--a day about equality-- let's think about this: WHO are the Human Rights Watch folks? well..... first from their web site:

Obama's state: 80% of rape kits untested and lowest rape arrest rate in nation

From Human Rights Watch:

Figures analyzed in a new Human Rights Watch report indicate that in Illinois roughly 80 percent of DNA evidence in rape cases, called “rape kits,” remains untested. Human Rights Watch’s exposure of this backlog inspired Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to champion a new law, making Illinois the first US state to require that every rape kit be sent to the crime lab for testing.

Illinois’ inadequate response to rape victims is reflected in its 11% arrest rate for rapes, one of the lowest in the United States.

BO didn't say Boo about Women's Rights in Afghan Speech


From Human Rights Watch: " President Obama failed to mention women’s rights when he announced the troop surge in Afghanistan. Yet some of the improvements in women’s rights seen after Sept. 11 are reversing course."
HWR has just released a 96-page report on Women's Rights in Afghanistan.

Jack and Squat strike again—Bush’s HHS Conscience Rule Untouched by Obama—Still!

jack and squat

Wow wee….Bush’s anti-choice Rule went into effect the day Obama took office. Obama could have, but did not!, place a hold on the rule from taking effect until he’d had a chance to review it. Obama has been reviewing it ever since. April 9th was the final day for public comment on the rule. Since then we’ve heard JACK and SQUAT about rescinding the draconian Bush rule, a rule that allows even a medical biller to refuse to handle a reproductive rights claim that he/she feels immoral.

From Human Rights Watch:

The media is Failing our raped women, never mind the Chicago PD and state's attorney's office


Here is Julie’s story as told by Human Rights Watch:

Julie was a graduate student at the University of Chicago when, in 2007, she was raped by a man she had been introduced to that night as a friend's new boyfriend. They were at a bar, and he was "acting weird toward me. He kept touching me and I kept pushing him away." The man's behavior attracted the attention of the club's manager and bouncer, who kicked him out.

Women, War, Sexual Violence and UN resolution 1325, finally some action!

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A Victory for Women Caught in War: New post created at UN to help women during wartime. The UN Security Council created a senior coordinator to address how armed conflict affects women around the globe.
From Human Rights Watch: