illegal immigrants

Immigrants, ObamaCare and a stabbing in Georgia

I wonder, will this man be granted amnesty by our Corrupt Leader Obama? As reported in the NYDaily News, a white Georgia man was taking out trash behind his workplace, when a short Hispanic male tried to rob the man. But when the white man said sorry, I’ve no money, the Hispanic male tried to repeatedly to stab him in the heart with a 12-inch blade, that was only deflected from making a fatal plunge by the white male’s cell phone in his shirt pocket.

From the news report:

Call me simple but we need to do the math: how ObamaCare will bankrupt America


I have a liberal co-worker who likes to say, “call me simple but I think all Americans should have equal access to health care.” She also is habitually in monetary distress which is almost always relieved by a call to her daddy in Connecticut. She thinks that what she wants that is outside of her means should be delivered by her daddy and she sees no reason why taxpayers should not be at her beck and call as well. The problem is, of course, my co-worker has no monetary sense and thinks endless piles of money are there to be had and that her princesdom is the way to run a country.