Women in Ireland get greater access to save and legal abortions; Now, in the U.S., is the time to rid the Republican platform of anti-choice stance


Dear GOP: Please save our country and give up trying to put women back in bondage by messing with Roe v. Wade, which grants a woman her right to dominion over the body God gave her. If you hang on to the evil of attempting to put women in pregnancy bondage, forcing them to procreate when they do no so wish, then there will be NO GOP and the country will not only become Socialist, it will become Communist, and we all know how well that worked out for others.

Irish women demand their human rights! Bravo!


Women Challenge Irish Abortion Ban in Human Rights Court
Three women have filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights claiming that Ireland is violating the human rights of pregnant women by forcing them to travel abroad to have abortions, as well as by denying them adequate care preceding and following the procedure, the AP/Boston Globe reports. A verdict is expected in 2010.

From the Globe: