IRS scandal

Hillary’s Email Debacle Mirrors Obama IRS Email Debacle—Democrat Media to BLAME

Democrat media protects arrogant Obama

There is virtually no doubt that Obama knew of and sanctioned the use of the IRS to punish Americans whose political views clashed with their own. Let that soak in for a second. WOW! That is the TOTAL breakdown of democracy. Then Obama comes on TV and has the GALL to tell the nation: the IRS did nothing wrong, not “a smidgeon of corruption.” Stonewalling, deleting emails, destroying hard drives, refusing to answer to Congress. Only an imbecile would believe Obama’s smidgeon lies. Sadly that is what we have in Democrat MSM—imbeciles.

Yes the Times is misleading Americans about IRS Scandal and Also about Chris Christie

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Just for fun, I decided to do an informal poll at my local Starbucks this past week or so. I would randomly ask folks what they thought about the missing IRS emails. After mostly blank looks, I would get, 9 out of 10 times: “missing emails?” Seriously. And 100% of the time the fact that six key figures in the IRS Targeting Scandal had also mysteriously reported their emails lost was unknown to those in line at Starbucks. Yes, this at a place in the country where literacy is 100%.

Also unknown at the 100% rate:

Times refuses to acknowledge what IRS already has: they committed political misconduct


WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service commissioner will testify before two House committees next week about the agency’s disclosure that it lost thousands of emails sought by investigators looking into accusations of politically motivated misconduct by the agency, the committees said Monday.

That is the first graf of a story buried on A-bumfuckEgypt in today's Times on the VERY disturbing IRS scandal that is looking like a total cover up and one that likely involves the White House.

Note the "looking into accusations of politically motivated misconduct by the [IRS]..."

Not One MSM outlet reports that key Obama appointee, William Wilkins, at IRS directly tied to IRS Scandal


God in her heaven surely knows journalism under Obama is dead. And the only way she wants to resurrect journalism and its minions is if they go and sin no more. So how to do that? Memo from God to Journalists: do you freakn’ job! Expose lies and overreach of government. The fools in MSM nowadays are so totally preoccupied with Obama protectionism that they have(as pointed out by the fab FAILED to BREAK EVEN ONE of FOUR Obama Scandals. And this week, again, it was sworn testimony,not reporting, that broke another whopper in the IRS/Obama Scandal.