Incompetent Obama fiddles, Allowing ISIS to Become a World Power. Can’t say Military Brass didn’t Warn Us

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Consider this: ISIS now controls half of Iraq, half of Syria and a sizable chunk of both southern Lebanon and Libya. ~NYPost

Consider this: Less than one year ago a top General who served under both the Bush and Obama Administrations pissed all over Obama’s laughable ISIS counteroffensive, saying: “I don’t think the president’s [ISIS] plan has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding,” ~ retired Marine General James Conway.

Obama and Hillary Own the Rise of ISIS; they refused to maintain troops in Iraq, despite advice to do just that

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“…U.S. popularity in the [Middle East] has plummeted back to Bush-era levels. The promise of Obama's June 2009 Cairo speech was generally left unrealized. There has been no movement on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The administration failed in its efforts to keep U.S. forces in Iraq past 2011. Syria is still in chaos. Iran continues to enrich uranium and to sponsor mayhem.” Michael O’Hanlon in Foreign Affairs article written Jan. 29, 2013, summing up Hillary’s stint as SOS.

O’Hanlon summary of Hillary’s SOS stint is probably best summarized with this:

Bush intel got us Osama bin Laden; Obama’s intel has FAILed on multiple fronts, including saving James Foley, or stopping ISIS


Under the Obama Administration we get BAD intelligence that led to a FAILed mission to save the journalist James Foley. Whereas, under the Bush administration we had policies that led to obtaining the CORRECT intelligence on where to find Bin Laden. Obama should not have gotten a shred of credit for the offing of Bin Fuckladin. With Obama we get bad intel. And baby it is all about the intel.