Hey Ben Affleck, you idiot, wanna know what’s “gross”? Female Genital Mutilation is Gross, and it’s a piece of the Culture of Islam, as is Systemic Misogyny

Hollywood and Ben Affleck ignore Muslim Misogyny

More than 125 million women have been mutilated in 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which condemns the practice as a “violation of the human rights” of women.~ Express Tribune w the International NYTimes.
Read this story of girls who had to go into hiding from their own Muslim families so they wouldn’t be castrated by a culture that seethes misogyny from its pores.

Killing Women Not so Softly with Islam


Ah the lovely that ISN’T Islam. Two teenaged girls doing volunteer work in a “predominately Muslim” country “doused with acid” by some nice Muslim men, cause ya know, they are such a tolerant people toward women and other religions. (see link below) Who is tired of not talking about the nuttiness that Islam has become in the Muslim culture?

Immigration Bill should be DOA

The New York Times wants to pretend that Islamic males are dandy fellas. Psst, forget the misogyny, ladies, really, don't think about that. The New York Times today reports this: "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Monday announced the arrest of two men who are accused of planning to derail a passenger train in an Al Qaeda-linked plot." The NYTimes says the Muslim men who blew the life and legs off Bostonians were mixed up boys not Muslim terrorists. The New York Times is a clear and present danger to your health and safety.

Female Health Workers murdered by Muslims

The recent shooting deaths in Pakistan of health workers (mostly women!) helping administer polio vaccines to children were "cruel, senseless and inexcusable," said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The death toll rose to nine after one succumbed to wounds from being shot in the head in the city of Peshawar. The gunmen on motorbikes who carried out the attacks remain unidentified, but Taliban militants in the country long have threatened anti-polio workers.

Every DAY, misogyny kills women around the Globe, sing it loud and clear the clouds


Every day, misogyny kills women around the globe in two ways: directly through violence and indirectly through apathy, said David A. Grimes, MD, clinical professor of ob-gyn at University School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, who delivered his lecture “Misogyny and Women’s Health” this spring at The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ 59th Annual Clinical Meeting. Let's stop here for a moment and understand who Dr. David Grimes is. He is a champion for women and has been a tireless worker for women's human rights.

Where are the Muslim protesters rejecting murder in the name of Islam?

woman silenced.jpg

It is a wonder to me that those who are working feverishly to promote an homage to Islam a heartbeat away from the site where gross mass murder was committed in the name of Islam have not worked nearly so hard to raise a ruckus to get the worldwide Islamic community to condemn some recent atrocities committed in the name if Islam: killing innocent UN workers because someone thousands of miles away burned a book; lashing a young girl to death for being raped; stoning a young couple to death for attempting to elope. Where is THAT beef?

Why Can't the Left hate Islam for all the correct reasons?


Disclaimer: all religion sucks when it comes to treatment of women; religion (as written by males) gives women second class status as human beings. Fact, some cultures and the religions that fester/bloom in certain societies are far worse than others in the manner in which they treat women. This week TPM wrote on the bad bad of Islamophobia.

The Left opts for Blockhead Thinking


From the estimable Debra Saunders who SHOULD replace Dowdy Dowd at the worn out Times in a last ditch effort at salvation of the Gray Lady:

"There is no sense of proportion. The left portrays the religious right as extremists, if they oppose, say, abortion or same-sex marriage, while it ignores Islamic cultures' unequal and at times violent treatment of women and gays.?

This is one of the best grafs I've read in a month, nay year, about the sorry state of of the Democratic Party.

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