Jerry Brown

Vincent Sheheen is a sexist bigot; and note to scumbag Sheheen: Give me a whore any day over your bigoted self for office

Not a mention on the Evening News; nothing on Slate, or anywhere else readily visible on mainstream outlets. The worst of it; the way this scumbag thinks its funny to degrade women. Remember when Gov. Moonbeam (Jerry) Brown of California called his female opponent a whore? Didn't scratch him a bit, cause he was you know...the right "color" as in....Blue for the sexist bigoted Left Wing media machine.

In case you forgot about Brown, here is a link

Is it "accurate" to call Barack Obama a "political" nigger? Ask California NOW


The National Organization for Women seems to have changed their tack on hate speech against women Thursday, as the president of the California chapter called California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman a "political whore" after having earlier called for Jerry Brown, her Democratic opponent, to fire any staffer who used the word.

California NOW President Patty Bellasalma told Talking Points Memo in an interview Thursday that "Meg Whitman could be described as 'a political whore.' Yes, that's an accurate statement." ~ Huffington Post

Joan Walsh says: if media uses the word nigger it would be OK


In the bizarre land of Joan Walsh of it is OK to call women a whore cause...every body's doing it! Here is her 5th grade logic:

"If you want proof "whore" doesn't pack the punch of the N-word, look at the way the debate is going down. People are using the euphemism "the N-word" while "whore" seems to roll off a lot of pundit's tongues."

Is Joan too freakn' dumb to understand that once upon a time everybody called blacks niggers?

As if on cue, Feministing faults Meg Whitman for complaining about Jerry Brown calling her a whore


Jerry Brown, the man who has a “reputation” with the ladies has agreed to label Meg Whitman a whore. You’d think so-called feminists would want Whitman to cry foul for using the W word, just as you’d expect the NAACP would want Barack Obama to cry foul if a would-be candidate for California’s governorship called him a nigger. But…NO, not to be. When Whitman issued a terse response condemning Brown's whore comment, here is what Feministing’s Lipstick feminists said in response:

Granted, in this case, it seems largely accidental in one camp and strategic in the other.

Jerry Brown Smoken too much Dopeum and Calls Meg Witman a Nazi


Liberal Dude nation strikes again, terrified that a women DARE aspire to become President of the United States of America. The Fruity LOOPY Jerry "Too MUCH SOKEM the HOKEN" Brown castigated Meg Whitman as a Nazi for DARING to have ambition. From Politico:

California Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown compared his free-spending Republican rival Meg Whitman with Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels as he laced into her ambitions for higher office.