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Time magazine bemoans Slut and Whore—sort of; but ignores Democrat Hollywood is MAIN source of U.S. Cultural Misogyny

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Oh my, looke there: COWARD Time mag is decrying the use of the S and W words. The idiot Time item laments the use of the S word, saying it’s used “daily to harass, threaten and humiliate young woman and girls.” But Time REFUSES to say that the MAIN purveyors of slut and whore are Democrat Hollywood. Every night turn on a rerun of “Friends” or tune into “Hot in Cleveland” and you will hear SLUT pushed at you. And slut is not just for the little gals; Hillary Clinton was “a big fucking whore” according to Democrat radio, and Democrat Louis C. K.

Turkey Trot—Sarah Palin is Mad! Good for Her!

Liberal misogynists in the media have butchered Gov. Palin because she kills animals. Palin shoots moose and supports aerial culls of wolves.